Feb 23, 2014





And we’re back ……..


We woke up shortly before we were supposed to land in Frankfurt and had even missed breakfast. Once we were awake the flight attendant asked if we wanted to have a snack or something and then added that she had wondered how we had been able to sleep so well for about 6 hours.

She was stunned when we told her that we had been really tired and had taken some sleeping aid. A short time later we prepared for landing and were soon touching down in Frankfurt. Being at the back of the plane it took quite some time until we were able to get off the plane. But then we went through passport control and another security check before we arrived at our next departure gate. On the way there we had noticed that our favourite bakery had a shop in that terminal as well, so once we knew our flight was on time, we headed back to the bakery and got ourselves some breakfast. Tom picked a Parma ham sandwich, while I had a Caprese sandwich, filled with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto.

We had picked up some Diet Coke as well and finally enjoyed our breakfast. We sat at one of the tables for a while checking our email and watching the planes before we headed back to our gate, just in time to hear them announce that boarding was starting. So we headed down to the bus that was to take us to our plane. A few minutes later we left the terminal and it always seems like they are taking us to the very far side of the airport to our plane. But finally we had made it and we were allowed to board. And now the time change caught up with us and we both felt really tired again. But it is such a short flight, only 55 minutes and after we were quickly served some drinks and a Toblerone bar, we both drifted off to dreamland again.

We woke up right before we touched down in our home town. Our airport is super tiny, so once we got off the plane we just walked over to the arrivals hall and waited for about five minutes for our luggage to arrive. Luggage on a cart we headed outside and over to the car park. Once everything was loaded inside, Tom called the cat hotel and let them know that we were on our way to pick up Princess Pixie. And with that we were back to reality.