November 1, 2010




Will the crowds ever subside?



We slept in until after 8am and then took showers and had a nice leisurely breakfast in our villa. By 10am we were on our way over to the parks again. We parked at the DTD parking structure again, that day we could use the Annual Passholder offer, so we paid the 2 Euros for the day and walked over to the parks. It was a holiday and a huge stream of people was walking toward Disneyland Park, so we decided to head over to the Walt Disney Studios again.

Even though we hit a line at the security check as well, we made it to the turnstiles in a few minutes. Walked through the turnstiles and made a right for the stores at the entrance plaza. There aren’t many “new” things in any of the stores, but we might have overlooked something, so we decided to have another good look. There were a few things we wanted to pick up on the way out, but first of all we headed into the park itself.

 We walked over to the tip board and saw that lines were building up already. So we walked down to the left – no English shows of Stitch Live at the moment, on to Rock’n’Rollercoaster. 25 minute wait – it is really dark in there, so, thanks, but no thanks. We both don’t like Armageddon, so over to the ToT. No way are we getting in 65 minute line, but the line for the Backlot Tour is only 10 minutes, so off we go and join that line.

Unfortunately they do NOT tell people where to stand, so when the tram pulls in, everyone leaps forward to finds the perfect spot for themselves. We found a row, dried off the seats and waited for the tour to begin. Finally we were off and even though we have been on the tour a lot of times it is always fun. Most fun to watch were a few new riders who really reacted to Catastrophe Canyon!

 Once we got off the ride we walked through the new Toy Story Playland again and were shocked to see that the lines were even longer today. After picking up the few things we still wanted we walked over to Disneyland Park. The park was packed and after walking over to Frontierland and seeing the crowds we thought it might not hurt to ask if we could get in at the Silverspur Steakhouse. Sure, but it is a two hour wait. So, while walking back to the hub we talked about what to do for the rest of the day. In the end we decided against the Silverspur Steakhouse and went back to Annette’s. The line started way outside the door, but we were greeted by a Cast Member who handed out menus and informed us that it would be about 20 minutes until we would be seated.

And he was right, within 10 minutes we were inside the door and in a warm environment and within 20 minutes we were seated. We even had the same server we had had on our first day and we both ordered the same drinks too, two Diet Cokes. Since we had had enough time to study the menus we were ready to order right away. Tom ordered the Sweet Boeuf and Chick Combo Burger.

A grilled chicken breast and a burger, served on a bagel with bacon, cheese and sweet chili sauce, with a side of fries. Since Annette’s is famous for its burgers I had to order one as well. I went for the All New Frenchie Blue Cheese Burger. A beef burger, a Spanish potato tortilla, bacon, blue cheese, sour cream, served with French Fries and coleslaw. We also ordered a side of Caesar Salad to go with it, which we shared.

It was just nice sitting there, eating and watching the servers on rollerskates “roll” by. Once we had finished our main course we thought about dessert. It didn’t take long to decide that we wanted dessert! Tom ordered a Deluxe Shake, with Oreo cookie flavour. I had The Sticky and Sweet Chocolate Cake, rich gooey chocolate cake, strawberry sauce, light vanilla flavoured custard cream, grilled almonds and whipped cream. We both enjoyed our sweet treat and when we finally left the restaurant we were sure, it made no sense going back to the parks as people were streaming in and they would be packed. So we decided to drive over to the Val’ d’ Europe shopping centre and do some more shopping.

The parking lot was packed with cars but we finally found a spot, parked the car and walked over to the shopping centre. We walked through the Disney Outlet that is part of the shopping centre, then walked around the shops, mostly doing window shopping. We picked up a few more small things before we called it a day and drove back to our little villa. I wrote all our postcards, we checked our mail accounts, and finally had dinner. There were still lots of goodies in the fridge that were waiting to be eaten. While Tom cleaned up the mess in the kitchen after dinner I went upstairs and did the packing for our trip back home the next day. Once I had finished packing I went downstairs again and we watched an episode of CSI before we went to bed hoping that we would be able to get up and out of the house early the next morning.