Aug 15, 2008






Yummy treats and a visit to the future!


We woke up and just were so happy to have finally reached our prime vacation location. When we finally got up we decided to have just a few Oreo cookies and some tea for breakfast and then spend some counter service credits at Wolfgang Puck’s Express at Downtown Disney. We had heard so much about it, so we thought we’d give it a try. So, off we went to Downtown Disney. The parking lot was quite full considering that it was not even 11am. We parked between the World of Disney and the Lego shop and leisurely walked down all the way to Wolfgang Puck’s. We stopped outside the restaurant and checked the menu. Boy, there were so many things that said “eat me” I was sure we were coming back if the food was decent.

We went in and were the only ones in line, so the girl behind the cash register had time to explain everything to us. We then ordered our main courses. The Rigatoni with Chicken Alfredo which came with a Caesar salad for Tom and the Spicy Chicken and Sweet Peppers Pizza, all natural chicken, roasted red and yellow peppers, mozzarella, tomatoes, leeks, crushed red chilis and fresh cilantro for me. Tom picked a chocolate chip cookie for his dessert and I tried the Crème Bruleé. We were then told to get our drinks from the fountain, pick a table and place the number card on the table. The food would be brought out. Wow! That is what I call service, and all of that at a counter service. It did not take long for our main courses to appear and we both were eager to dig into the food. I was really amazed. That was the best pizza outside of Europe!! Crisp thin base and just the right amount of toppings. Tom’s pasta was cooked just right and the sauce was so well flavoured.

We shared the Caesar salad and it was really good. I had my Crème Bruleé right at the restaurant and it was wonderful. Silky and creamy with a very nice vanilla taste and a crisp thin sugary crust. Heaven on Earth. Tom was too stuffed to eat his cookie, so we took it with us. After all that food we needed to walk off a few of those calories. We did so by browsing through the shops at Downtown Disney. We spent quite some time in the Christmas shop and Tom picked up two holiday flags for his office window. Then we went over to the “once upon a toy” store and explored all the new merchandise they had. They had a lot of new stuff for Mr. Potato head, so we made a note to ourselves to pick up a paper container full of parts before we left. Next was World of Disney. What a wonderful place to shop. We spent a loooooooong time in there and found loads of stuff we wanted to pick up later on. Our last stop was at Goofy’s Candy Co.

We had always bypassed it, but after reading so much about it and the “make your own treats” we just needed to give it a try.

First we had a look around the store to check out what they had to offer, then we watched several of the treats being made. It helped us a lot to make up our minds on what we wanted. So we picked up one of their order forms, filled it in and waited and watched, while our yummy treats were created. We got a fudge filled cookie and the Marshmallows dipped in chocolate. When they were ready we could not wait to go back to the resort to try them.

So back we went to Port Orleans Riverside, where we had a first bite of our goodies. We had a dinner reservation at the Kona Café at 5pm so we decided to stay at the resort and relax until it was time to drive over to the Polynesian for dinner. When we arrived we were still a little early so we had time to explore the resort and shop. At 5 we signed in, were handed a beeper and walked about 10 steps when our beeper went off. We were seated at a nice table towards the center of the restaurant and handed the menus. We had a very nice server and she explained the drinks menu when we were not sure if we wanted to order some drinks. We decided on having the classic Mai Tai and a Malibu Macaw, plus diet cokes. A few minutes later a loaf of their heavenly, slightly sweet and fluffy bread arrived, accompanied by a generous helping of their macadamia nut butter. We ordered our main courses and helped ourselves to the bread.

Tom had the Pomegranate Barbecued Pork Chop served on pan-roasted fingerling potatoes and apple wood smoked bacon braised Swiss chard while I had the Shrimp and Scallops - panko breaded shrimp and pan-seared scallops with sticky rice and ponzu, spicy guava-passion fruit and wasabi cream sauces. Both were cooked perfectly and we enjoyed them very much. Our server looked after us very well and made recommendations for dessert. Tom had the Coconut Cream Kiki Tart with whipped cream and a rolled up praline cookie, while I decided on trying the Chocolate Fondue, dark melted chocolate, with fresh fruit, macaroons and praline cookies. Both desserts were delicious! I just loved my choice, the warm chocolate on the fruit and cookies was just heavenly. Needless to say that our server got a very generous tip!

After dinner we took the monorail back to the Ticket and Transportation Center and from there to Epcot. We were able to ride Spaceship Earth and send some postcards to our friends. Then we had a look into the Art shop and finally went over to Mission Space which had quite a short wait and was real fun to ride. After that we went to get in line for Test Track. The line was surprisingly shorter than what it said out front. After that we thought we might give Soarin a try, but the line was just too long and so was the line at the Nemo ride. So we thought we’d beat the crowds and ride back to the Magic Kingdom where we had decided to spend the rest of the evening. It was packed! We could not believe how packed.

You could barely move on Main Street, because people were already staking out their spaces for Wishes. We went up to the tip board, but wait times were long and must have been with so many people in the park. So we decided to give it a miss and go back to the resort. We made our way out just when Wishes started, we were able to see some of it while we waited for the Resort Monorail back to the Polynesian. We were back at our resort by 10.30 and relaxed in front of the TV before we fell asleep.