Aug 28, 2009




An Island filled with adventures, another Wishes Dessert Party and a sad farewell to some new friends


We slept in a little until our neighbours decided to get up with lots of noise. Even though we tried hard to ignore them we finally got up to get ready for breakfast. Around 9am we headed to the Island Dining Room for some breakfast. We were seated immediately and were asked what we wanted to drink.

Tom had some coffee and juice while I wanted to give the tea another try but it wasn’t much different to the one I had hated last time, so I stuck to the juice. Tom had the Skillet that had some kind of hask and three eggs over easy – a huge portion, but so yummy he finished it all. I had the Crabcake Eggs Benedict - with asparagus and hollandaise. So good! What a start to the day.

After about an hour we went back to the room to apply LOTS of sunscreen before we headed over to the parks. We caught a boat at the Royal Pacific Landing and enjoyed the ride to Universal Citywalk. This day we went to the Island of Adventures park. Again, thanks to Universal Express we were able to walk on most of the rides without any significant wait. We started out with the Cat in the Hat.

Next we walked over to the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride, walked over to Poseidon, but gave it a miss. We watched the talking and spitting fountain for quite some time before we hit the Duelling Dragons.

We rode it a few times in a row, just changing Dragons. While walking back to the Lost Continent we checked out the progress on the Harry Potter Land that is going to be opened soon. We were both very thirsty so we hit the Thunder Falls Terrace, where we shared a serving of Onion Rings and Tom had some Budweiser and I had a HUGE Diet Coke. Once we were both “hydrated” again we watched the Jurassic Park Vehicles/Boats drop the big drop.

Then we walked over to the Dudley Do-Right, Ripsaw Falls and watched people getting wet there. Our last stop to people watch was the Popeye & Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges. Now people get REALLY wet on those rides! And it was so much fun watching them. Then it was time to do some more rides, so we went on the Spiderman Ride, Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall and the Hulk, which we even rode  twice.

By that time we felt really hot and tired, so we decided to head back to the resort for some rest. Unfortunately we saw the Royal Pacific Boat pull out just as we left the park, so we decided to slowly walk back to the resort. We really enjoyed the quiet and coolness of the room, snacking on some chips and the sweets we had bought the day before. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to leave for another Wishes Dessert Party again.

 We drove over to Walt Disney World, parked the car, hopped on the tram and the Monorail and entered the Magic Kingdom. Mary Ellen, Joe, her brother Vinny and his girlfriend Susan and her daughter had a reservation for the dessert party too and we were really happy to see them all again. This time we got in line much sooner, since we wanted to take photos of the buffet. Joe arrived about 20 minutes later and got his family together to get in line.

Kristy, Mary Ellen’s daughter came over to introduce her fiancé Sean and show off her ring and even Scott, Mary Ellen’s youngest son, came to introduce his girlfriend Stephanie. Since we already had our wristbands Mary Ellen and her family had to get to the end of the line and since we had two different reservations and two different tables that was okay.

They started seating people at 8pm sharp and we were some of the first people in, our table was another front row one and we headed off to take photos of the buffet. Once the photos were done we had some lemonade, picked up a plate and started filling it. Since we had already found our favourites we really loaded up on them and enjoyed the desserts. Mary Ellen and her family were seated further back at a larger table and enjoyed their desserts as well.

Shortly before the fireworks started they all came forward and we picked our spot for the fireworks. That day it was dry and TinkerBell was flying right over our heads. The fireworks were wonderful and the perfect ending to a perfect vacation for Vinny, Susan and Olivia. We even received some VERY thoughtful gifts from them and we had so much fun together. After the fireworks we again were encouraged to sit down and have a few more desserts while the crowds cleared out.

So we sat and chatted and enjoyed each others company.

About 40 minutes after the fireworks we left the Tomorrowland Terrace and Vinny, Susan and Olivia said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom as they had to head home the very next morning. But we had left some things with them before the cruise, so we decided to take Vinny, Susan and Olivia back to Pop Century. There was lots of laughter and fun driving in the open convertible and far to soon we arrived at the resort.

Vinny ran to get our stuff while we talked with Susan and Olivia. But then it was time to say goodbye too! It was really sad since we don’t know when we will see those new friends again. After lots of hugs and kisses we finally drove back to the Royal Pacific Resort and arrived there around midnight. Time for bed.