Aug 30, 2009




2 parks in one day?
Yes, we can!!!


Our last full day at Universal! Since we had a rest and relax day the day before we were able to get up earlier, had some nice coffee, thanks to the coffee maker that makes “Emeril” coffee and some of the leftover doughnuts. We were out the door by 8.45 and caught a boat to Universal Citywalk. We arrived at the Universal Studios Park shortly after park opening.

The lines were long, their gates never work properly, so by 9.20 we entered the park. We had a good look at the store, thankfully there is not much we want to buy and did the Jimmy Neutron ride again and hopped onto the Shrek ride with very little wait too. After that we decided to tackle the park counter clockwise and went back towards the bakery and went past the Terminator ride.

There was a fun hat shop and Tom tried several of their creations. Since the weather was perfect we took quite a few photos of the Battery Park area. We then went on to do the Simpsons ride. Again, Universal Express saved the day, as we only had a 5 minute wait until we were taken into the holding rooms inside the building. After we had enjoyed the ride we decided to have an early lunch at the International Food and Film Festival, World Expo.

We both decided on the Asian offerings. We shared an Egg Roll as a starter, then shared the Sweet and Sour Chicken, served with Fried Rice and Stir Fry Vegetables and the Szechwan Orange Chicken, served with Fried Rice and Stir Fry Vegetables. Both came from the same container, just the sauces were different! Once we had finished our meal we rode the Simpson’s Ride once more, then moved on to the Men in Black ride.

As always, Universal Express helped as we did not have to get into a standby line. On we went onto Jaws, then onto the Disaster Ride and by then we needed a break, so we visited the Starbucks for a frozen beverage. I had my favourite, a Caramel Frappuccino and Tom tried something new, the Java Chip Frappuccino.

Next stop, the Mummy ride, and since this was actually a walk on we went on twice. There was only Twister left to do and we missed walking onto it by about 30 seconds. So we had a 10 minute wait, but then it was our time to enjoy the show. We tried to fit in the Rip Ride Rock It coaster again, but there was a two hour wait and we wanted to do all our favourite rides in the Islands of Adventures park as well, so we decided to bypass it. Left the Studios park and walked over to Islands of Adventures.

We again tried to do the park counter clockwise. We started off with the Cat in the Hat ride, no wait and we had a ride vehicle all to ourselves. Then we got on The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride! There was a standby line, but thanks to Universal Express we were on in about 2 minutes. Even though this is a kiddie ride, it is always fun to enjoy the view from the train. We strolled through the lost continent and got on the Duelling Dragons 5 times until we called it quits.

We watched the Jurassic Park Boats plunge and decided to do the last three rides of the day.

First one was Spiderman, which was a walk on, then Dr. Doom’s Fearfall, another walk on and the only ride left was the Incredible Hulk ride. Since it was the last ride of the day and there was very little wait, we rode it twice before we called it a day and left the park. We did a little more shopping at Citywalk and then waited for the boat to go back to the resort.

After a short break we decided that we didn’t want to go out for dinner again, so we drove over to Publix and got some salads, pepperoni, bread and spreads to have a picnic in the room. We prepared our little table, enjoyed the picnic and had a few more bottles of beer and cans of Coke. Then it was finally time to pack our bags as we wanted to check out of the resort early to throw in a few more rides the next morning as well. We called it a day at around 11pm.