August 6, 2015




Day 4, August 06

Two for the price of one! - Part 4

By now it was early evening and we needed to get back to our resort.
It did not take long and we were back in our room, had a drink and a snack,


rested for a while on the balcony and freshened up again before we were already a bit late for our next appointment. We headed down to the lobby and outside to the Yacht Club Marina.
I had found a family on the DISboards that wanted to share an Illuminations cruise and it had all worked out.
Once we made it close to the marina, I could see someone get up and walk towards us and yes, it was the person from the DISboards. We quickly got finances out of the way and then walked right over to our boat, which was all decked out for a birthday. Turns out it was the momís birthday and she had gotten decorations as well. Our skipper was a young lady,



who had been working for Disney for a few years and was super knowledgeable. First we started to drive along Cresent Lake, along the Beach Club and past Seabreeze Point over to the Boardwalk, then we crossed underneath the bridge and past the Swan and Dolphin and we were on our way to Hollywood Studios. There were four adults on the boat and three teenagers, who seemed to be very occupied with their phones, but the adults enjoyed the comments and the sights very much. Once we had enjoyed the sight of the Studios and heard about what was new and that the new Starwars fireworks were absolutely breathtaking, it had gotten dark and it was now time to return to Epcot. 
Our skipper told us that she wanted to be one of the last boats to arrive at the viewing spot so we could be towards the middle of the canal and would have the best view. So we headed back to Cresent Lake and finally crossed under the bridge that divides Britain and France and there were already a few boats moored. Our skipper tied our boat to the other ones and we were right in the middle of the canal.



We still had a little time and so she explained on how they prepare for the fireworks, and what was going to happen. Soon the fireworks started and it was definitely an awesome spot to view Illuminations.











We really enjoyed it, sitting there, having a drink in hand and nibbling on snacks. Once Illuminations was over our skipper asked if we had a little more time and Tom and I had nothing else on our list, but the other family had a reservation for Beaches and Cream. Luckily it was late enough and we all agreed to take our skipper up on her offer of taking us to Hollywood Studios again to watch those fireworks as well.

Two fireworks for the price of one.

It took about 10 minutes to get to Hollywood Studios and when we arrived, she positioned our boat so we would be able to have a perfect view. It was funny to see that all but one of the other boats had done the same and we were now all at the Studios. I think we were not sitting there for more than three minutes and the fireworks were going off.









We had seen the Starwars fireworks in March and they had been stunning but the new edition took our breath away.
They were absolutely amazing and lasted for quite a long time. Being outside the park we could only imagine what they must be like from in front of the Chinese Theatre.
It got us all excited for the Starwars Fireworks dessert party we had signed up for for later in the trip.
After the fireworks we made our way back to the Yacht Club at full speed, as the other family needed to get to Beaches and Cream. Once we arrived at the Yacht Club we tipped the skipper, said goodbye to the other family and then walked back to our resort and back to our room.
We watched a little more TV, had some snacks and I had some more of the Coconut bar I had bought earlier in the day. But it had been a long day and around 11pm we were ready to call it a day.