Aug 18, 2011





Water fun and more


We had made our minds up on what to do that day and we were sure to follow through with them. So we got up early, had some sandwiches for breakfast, got our day bags ready and off we went, over to Typhoon Lagoon. We arrived there right around the time they opened the turnstiles. We could see quite a line in front of them from our car, but once we had made our way over there, the line was almost gone.

We were through in no time, walked over to the shop and rented a locker and some towels. Once we had found our locker we put everything in it, except the new water camera we had bought and intended to bring with us for some fun photos. Armed with our camera and the towels we walked over to the wave pool and really found some lounge chairs very close to the water’s edge. We put on more suntan lotion, waited a few minutes for it to be absorbed and off we went to the pool. There were already quite a few people in the pool and we joined them in the fun. I just could not remember how strong those waves were. They swept us off our feet and I was really worried I would hit some of the kids that were in the water around us. So we looked for a spot where there were less people and enjoyed being “run over” by the waves. It didn’t seem like we had been in the water for very long, but when we looked at the clock we were surprised to find out that we had been in the water for about 45 minutes. We sat on our lounge chairs for a while until we were dried off again, then applied some more lotion and off we went again. There is a fun lazy river, so we walked over to the nearest entry and they were out of tubes. So we decided to just keep on walking along the river until we would either hit the main entrance to the river or a smaller entry where there were some tubes left. We passed the wave pool and watched several waves until we headed towards the main entrance to the lazy river again.

We soon had found it, grabbed two tubes and after climbing on them, off we went. It was really fun to just be swept along, with a few people trying to overtake and push their tubes. It takes quite a while to circle the park on the river and we really enjoyed the ride. Once we came full circle we decided to stay on a little longer and leave closer to where our lounge chairs were. Once we had gotten off we walked around a bit and passed the pool where riders of the Crush'n'Gusher exit. We watched a few riders, were thinking about getting in line, but when we saw the wait time for the ride we decided against it. We walked back to our chairs and took a few more photos of the people in the wave pool. Around 12pm we were hungry and went in search of some food.

We ended up at Typhoon Tilly's, and since we seemed to bit ahead of the lunch crowd there were several empty picnic tables, so we placed our order, picked up our food and headed to the tables. We picked one right next to the lazy river and sat down to enjoy lunch. As always we had agreed on sharing our entrees and had picked the Fried Shrimp, served with French Fries. Now, we didn't expect much, but they were delicious. Our second choice was the Chicken Wrap. Lots of chicken mixed in with Caesar Salad and wrapped up in a flour tortilla. This was quite good as well, but unfortunately it still was quite cold and that took away some of the flavour. But we were hungry and just dug in.

For dessert Tom had opted for the Chocolate Cake and funnily enough I ordered the Cheesecake. Both were the regular pre-packaged cakes and we both ate about half of them before they became to much for us. Once we had finished our meal we watched people go by on the lazy river, but soon we saw that people were searching for tables, so we packed up our trash and left the table to others to enjoy their lunch too. Bellies full we walked back to our lounge chairs and relaxed for a while. Around 1pm we decided to hit the pool one more time. It had become very crowded and it was hard to find a spot where we were sure that we would not hit anyone behind us.

We played in the waves for about half an hour and then decided to call it a day and leave. So after changing into some dry clothes we returned our locker keys and picked up some nice fridge magnets as a souvenir. We then headed towards the exit and over to the car. The drive to Old Key West is pretty short and in no time we were back in our villa. And after taking showers and rinsing our swim suits we plopped down on the couch for some rest. Since we always have a well stocked fridge we kept on snacking on the salads and nibbled on some chips and dips. Around 3pm we decided that it was so nice outside and we had not been to the quiet pool yet, so why not hit it. So we put on our swimsuits again, and walked over to the quiet pool.

There were a lot of people at the pool, but we were able to find some chairs, left our clothes on the chairs and hit the water. Even though the quiet pool can get very crowded it is usually pretty peaceful and that day was no exception. We stayed in the water for quite some time, then went to dry off a bit before we hit the hot tub for a while. And after enjoying the hot water we finally headed back to our villa.

 We had another shower, I dried my hair and we were on our way over to Epcot for dinner at Le Cellier. We parked at the Beach Club, again we were prepared to valet the car, but no need to, as we were welcomed home and pointed towards the self parking lot. We walked through the hotel and had a good look around, enjoyed the landscaping and strolled over towards the International Gateway. It was hot and humid and we took our time to walk over to Canada. Off Kilter was playing when we walked by, so we stopped and listened for a while and took some photos of Jamie for our friend Mary Ellen. Then it was time to sign in for our reservation at Le Cellier.

We were looking forward to experience this new signature restaurant. We were told that we would have to wait about 20 minutes and while we were waiting we could see that they had to turn away a lot of guests without ADRs. After about 10 minutes wait we were called and taken to our table, one of the very small tables in the middle of the room. Not the best location for a table, but there was nothing we could do about it. We sat down and the host gave the spiel about which province you are seated in and it really sounded like a spiel, no extra information, just the basics. She told us that our server would be coming by shortly and left us with the menus. We were still studying the menus when our server introduced himself and asked for our drinks order. We ordered the usual Diet Cokes as neither of us felt like having an adult drink. It took a while until our drinks were served and our server was ready to take our order. We ordered our main courses and the server rushed away to put our order in and then returned with a basket of Bread. He told us which one was which, there were some Pretzel sticks, some sourdough rolls and some multigrain rolls and put a small plate with Butter sprinkled with sea salt on the table. We nibbled a little bread while waiting for our entrees and were a bit annoyed by the server, who would ask about how we were doing every time he walked by our table.

A short time later a food runner brought out our entrees. Tom had ordered the Grilled Bone-in Ribeye, a  16 oz. bone-in ribeye with herb-parmesan potato wedges and maple-pink peppercorn butter, which he enjoyed a lot. I knew what I wanted, an old favourite, the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon, a 8 oz. Canadian AAA Beef Tenderloin with wild mushroom risotto, white truffle butter sauce and micro chervil. Both pieces of meat were perfectly cooked and we enjoyed them very much. There was still dessert to conquer. We both were not sure what to order and had not seen the display they had at the entrance. So Tom decided on the Peach Clafoutis, with Ginger Ice Cream, Peach Nectar and Ginger Snap, while I tried the Trio of Chocolate, Canadian Club Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Sorbet, and warm Chocolate-Almond Cake

All in all our dinner was nice, but we did not think it was a signature dinner.Once we had finished our dinner the server brought the bill and we settled it, got up and left. When we walked outside we were greeted by a downpour. It was raining cats and dogs and we neither did we bring a poncho nor an umbrella. It didn't look like it would let off any time soon, so we speed walked over to the shops and bought a poncho. Since the rain had picked up even more we spent some time inside the shop before the rain got a little lighter and we were able to walk outside again. We had signed up for the Preferred Fireworks viewing for that evening, and we actually wanted to stay for Extra Magic Hours, but the rain really put us off and after a visit to Mousegear we decided to just go back to the resort and have an earlier night.

So we slowly walked back towards the International Gateway and the Beach Club again. Since we still had quite a few snack credits to spend we decided to have a look inside the shop there and find something we might be able to bring on the cruise. We picked up two lollies for two girls who celebrated their birthdays on the cruise, a Mickey Mint chocolate bar and three little containers of Mickey Head Cheese Crackers. All our purchases in hand we got in line for the next cash register and when a new cast member opened a new till we were expected to head over there. The cast member was still earning her ears and we told her we wanted to use snack credits for our purchases and she told us it would not be a problem.

 So she rang up our snacks, we handed her the Key To The World Card and she processed it and handed us the bill. I took a look at how many snack credits we were supposed to have left and it did not say anything about snack credits, she had billed us for the snacks. Well, we did not want to use our credit card for the snacks, so she had to call over a manager, who had to reverse the purchase and ring it up again to use the snack credits. He was very apologetic, but we did not mind at all, the issue was being resolved and that was it. The only issue was that it had taken about 20 minutes to get things straightened out. While we walked back to our car we could hear the fireworks and later see them from the road, while driving towards Old Key West. Once we were back in our villa we watched a little TV and then called it a day and went to bed early.