Aug 22, 2011





Nassau take 1


We were up early today and when we walked out onto the veranda we could see Nassau in the distance. Soon we got closer and closer and finally we could watch the pilot get on board and then we pulled into the harbour. We both took a shower, tidied up the stateroom and headed out to the Royal Palace for breakfast. The restaurant was half empty and we were led to a table right away. We had a good look around and the restaurant looked beautiful. Shortly after we were seated a server came by and took our drinks orders, coffee for Tom and Hot tea and orange juice for me. I had studied the menu beforehand, so I knew what I wanted to order, the Traditional Eggs Benedict.

A Toasted English muffin with grilled Canadian bacon, served with poached egg topped with hollandaise sauce, grilled roma tomatoes and link sausages, which was wonderful, apart from the sausage, which I didn't like. Tom went for the The Big Breakfast, a large filled omelet on savory toast with grilled tomatoes, bacon and baked beans topped with caramelized onions. He finished his plate which might indicate that he really liked his breakfast. We were also offered some pastries, but declined as we just didn't feel like anything sweet. After breakfast we went back to the room and our stateroom hosts hadn't made it there yet, but we had plenty of loot in our Fish Extender. We took everything inside, and decided to have a little rest out on the balcony.

Once we were out there we discovered that they were having a drill and were lowering the life boats and driving around with them in the harbour. But after some time we decided we wanted to head into Nassau. So we packed our IDs and some cash and headed towards deck 1 to disembark. Once outside the heat hit us and we had to dig for our sunglasses. We slowly walked toward the customs house and once inside we looked at the merchandise they offered which had not changed from the last time we had been there. We walked outside and were greeted by all the vendors offering stuff and rides to various parts of the island.

We didn't need any of it as we just wanted to walk around town a little and pick up a few rum cakes and some flavoured rum. So once we left the harbour area we turned left and walked towards the Tortuga rum company. There is a supermarket on the opposite side and we walked through to browse and did find a few things we wanted to buy lateron. Next up we walked to the main shopping street and took a little stroll, walked into some of the shops to have a look and then headed towards the Bacardi store. From the distance it looked a bit sad and we just couldn't put our finger on it, but on getting closer we could see that the building had been deserted, part of it had been torn down and the shop had been closed.

So we had to make our way back towards the straw market, where we had seen another Bacardi store. It was very hot and we walked very slowly, but we finally made it to the store. It was much smaller than the one we had just been at, but at least it was open. Tom didn't find anything he liked at first sight, so we walked back, did a little shopping at the supermarket and then walked over to the Tortuga rum shop and stocked up on rum cakes and flavoured rum for Tom. By then it was midday and it was very hot out on the street. So we very slowly made our way back to the ship and enjoyed the air conditioning on board. When we were back at our stateroom we were happy to find that it had been serviced and once out on the veranda we found them still doing their lifeboat drill.

We chilled for a little while having a look at all the loot we had found in our Fish Extender on coming back and after a while we finally headed out again and up to Cabanas for some lunch. Even though we arrived at the tail end of the lunch time it was still pretty full in there. Before we decided what to get we walked through a little, then got in line since everyone seemed to do it. We both filled our plates and Tom got some Sushi, which he really enjoyed. The food was fine and there was plenty to choose from, but we still prefer being served. We both had two plates, tasting a lot of what was offered and Tom got some coffee for dessert, while I got a slice of Pumpkin pie. The slices are really small, but it was more than enough for me to satisfy my need for something sweet.

Once we had finished lunch we had to hurry as we wanted to join a ship's tour, the "Making of the DREAM" tour. We had to go to Meridian to meet with our host and there were already quite a few people up there, so we joined them.

A little later the official tour began and first we were introduced to the history of the ship, the building in the Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany and then it was on to explore the ship. We went to many areas of the ship and our host showed us some overlooked things on board and pointed out a few cruise firsts. We went through all the bars and learned a bit about the fun little details. We even visited some of the restrooms which are especially beautiful. And all too soon our 1 hour tour was over. We said our goodbyes and walked back to our stateroom again. There were more Fish Extender gifts left for us and when we walked out on the veranda they were still hooking up the lifeboats again.

We sat out on the veranda admiring the view of the Atlantis in the distance until it was time to get ready to go to that night's show, Villains Tonight. It was a wonderful performance and while the story was fun it did not appeal to us as much as the Golden Mickeys.

On the way back to our stateroom we stopped at some of the enchanted art on board and were surprised to see even more gifts in our Fish Extender. There were a few gifts that were perfect for our table mates Stephanie and Paige, so we put them aside to give them to them. We also filled a small bag with hard candy we had brought to give to Ana, as I promised her a sticker if she could remember my name the next day.  I was sure she could as they had all our data in their computer, but it was fun to promise anyway. Our stateroom host had done turn down service and left us a fun towel animal and we rested for a little while before heading to the Royal Palace for dinner.

Again, we were the first to be taken to our table. Ana DID remember our names and even our choice of drinks, as she brought them out without even asking, so she got her little reward bag of candy. She was very surprised and very happy. She told us that she loved everything sweet and they had to buy their sweets on board during a cruise, so this was a welcome treat. She even promised to share it with her serving team. Soon after the rest of our tablemates arrived. There were already two breadbaskets on the table, but I failed to take a photo. Today's bread service was Warm Herb Brioche with an Olive Spread. Again we all tried some and it was really nice.

After all the drinks were served, Sapto took our orders. I started off my meal with a heavenly light Double Baked Spinach Souffle, coated with a three cheese cream. Tom tried the Pomegranate Glazed Duck Breast with gewurztraminer gelee and pomegranate glaze. Soon after we had finished our starters and the plates had been cleaned our main courses arrived. Tom had ordered the Double Cut Rack of Lamb with a Dijon Crust, with fine green beans, gratin potatoes and rosemary jus while I had ordered the Royal Palace Aged Angus Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Lobster Medallions, sauteed snow peas and marquis potatoes with a cognac reduction.

We all enjoyed our dinner very much and soon it was time to order dessert. Sapto recommended the Peanut Butter Mousse, Dark chocolate infused with peanut butter, chiffon cake, and whipped cream, so I ordered it and was not disappointed. Tom ordered the Grand Marnier Souffle, infused with fresh orange zest and served with creme Anglaise and he was very pleased with it. We all still sat there for a while chatting away until we noticed that the servers were already preparing the dining room for the next morning, so we said our goodbyes and went our merry ways. We again walked through the stores on board and then finally walked up to our stateroom.

We still had to deliver our stateroom gifts and walked up and down the ship to deliver them. It was fun and we took it as our exercise that day. It took about an hour to deliver all our gifts and when we got back we were tired and after a short rest out on the veranda we called it a night. It was going to be a fun day the next day, Castaway Cay was calling.