March 28, 2008




On the way to celebrate Tom’s birthday at Disney!


Here we are, on our way to Disney again.

March 28 started out as a usual workday. Tom started early, so he would be able to get home in time and he did! I had asked a friend to take over my last lesson – thanks Heidi!! – so I could get off early to catch the 2.50pm flight to Frankfurt. Well, I got off on time, drove the 30 km to our home, got into Tom’s car and off we went to the airport. We arrived there at 2pm, got our luggage, all carry on, and went to check in.

We got seats together on both flights, and since there was not too much time left to do anything else we went through security and within a few minutes boarding started. The flight was right on time and they were even serving drinks and little bags of chocolate covered cookies as snacks on the 50 minute flight.

  We could NOT believe it, when we heard that our flight was actually early – now that is something not common at Frankfurt airport. We had an hour and a half to get from one terminal to another, so no need to rush. Once we had found our new terminal we finally had time to have a VERY late lunch. Tom had prepared a few rolls with ham, cheese and tomatoes and that is what we had. We even had time to send a postcard (Hi, Carol) and even relaxed a little.

When they started boarding everyone went to get in line for the regular check in. Well, we had etix and there was a line with no line for that, so we went there. We were actually the first people on the plane – another first for us. More food on that flight – another roll with ham and a chocolate bar on a rather bumpy flight.

 They even had to stop service right in the middle of it. But we got to Paris right on time and since we did not have to wait for our luggage we were heading right to Hertz to pick up our rental. No line there either, so we were handed the keys to our Chevrolet Matiz in a matter of minutes and we were on our way. It was past 7pm and raining slightly, so it took a little longer than usual to get to the Auchan Market, where we stocked up on drinks and food for the evening.

Since it was Tom’s birthday the next day, we also picked up a birthday cake, well actually, an apple and rhubarb tart that looked appetizing. Loaded with goodies we went to our hotel, Disney’s Santa Fe, to check in. There were just two families ahead of us, so check in was not a very stressful process. The CM spoke German and when I jokingly asked if we got something extra if I signed the registration with the Walt Disney Resort pen I take everywhere, she at first hesitated, then went to get us 2 name tags as a little extra! That Disney spirit works everywhere!!


  We were assigned room 12 in building 50, right behind the building that houses the restaurant and front desk.This was a ground floor room, so no carrying luggage and food upstairs. As soon as we entered the room there was surprise number 2! Right on the dresser there was a letter in GERMAN, thanking us for to staying at the Santa Fe Hotel and some chocolate Mickey coins.

What a nice surprise and a magical start to another Disney weekend. We inspected the room and its view – right opposite the volcano, then Tom went into the bathroom to freshen up! My chance to prepare for his birthday. I put up the banner I had bought and took out the one present I had brought for him (he had got the rest of them at home), put the candles, I had brought from home and hidden in one of the small compartments of the suitcase, on the cake and lit them just in time for him to come out!

We had a fun “little” celebration and a piece of cake. Our dinner started the wrong way around, with us having cake first, then munching away on our baguette, cheese and ham. When we finished our meal it was already past 11pm and time for bed since we had breakfast reservations for 8.15am. No question we fell asleep easily – we were at Disney, in one of Disney’s wonderful beds.