Lignano 2018
October 24 - 28





A Glimpse of Italy ...... - Part 1

October 26 is our National Holiday and this year it fell on a Friday and our school decided to close the school on Oct 24 and 25 so we could all have a little vacation time. Tom and I decided to spend the time in Italy, just relaxing.

I got off at noon on the 23rd and we packed up and got the house in order and around 5am on the 24th we got up, grabbed a bite to eat and then we were on the road. We had hit the tail end of an autumn storm and it was raining and very windy, which made driving in the dark so NO fun at all.
About 100 km into the trip (of 550) I needed a break, so we stopped at a service station that had a McDonald's for a bit of a break and a hot beverage.


And after a bio break we pushed on. The weather was still yucky.



But thankfully, the further we got the nicer the weather got.



Shortly before we reached the Italian border we left the motorway to fill up the tank again - gas is way cheaper in Austria than Italy and to grab a bite of breakfast.




This is McDonald's "kind" of toast - like two pieces of cardboard with some cheese (and Tom had ham and cheese) in the middle. Not something I need to give a second try.

Off we went again, just to leave the motorway again to pick up our tollticket (think sunpass in Florida) so we could use the fast lanes at the toll stations.



and took this for our friend Jeanette, who likes the chocolates ......


and we hit the motorway again ..........


About two hours later we had made it to our destination. Now I need to explain that we went there at the tail end of the tail end of the season, so we knew that most of the businesses would already be closed, but we were sure that restaurants would still be open. BUT, this being Italy - EVERYTHING is closed for some hours at lunchtime and we did not want to go around searching for a restaurant so we stopped at a supermarket and bought some groceries and then headed to our hotel, which is an Aparthotel - you rent an apartment, but they will service it daily. And we were glad we did, as most of the businesses were closed and so were most of the restaurants. :scared1::laughing:

We picked up the key and discovered that we had been put in the apartment that we have often had before, it is one with a HUGE veranda.


you even have a view of the Mediterranian sea.