Lignano 2018
October 24 - 28





A Glimpse of Italy ...... - Part 2

We prepared a nice late lunch





then unpacked and rested for a while. Around 4pm we went for a walk down the main street and were amazed to find almost everything closed. Some of the shops and restaurants had signs that said they would be open from Thursday through to Sunday (thankfully it was Wednesday already). It got dark pretty soon and we walked along the beach promenade for a while


before heading back to our room, we had some spaghetti and then made ourselves comfortable in front of the TV. Having had to get up early that day we went to bed early as well.

The next morning we went out to head to a VERY small grocery store, picked up whatever we needed for breakfast and headed back to our room to enjoy breakfast.




Bellies full we went for another walk along the main street to find that now finally a few of the stores were open and some of the restaurants were preparing for service lateron in the day.

We had wanted to go to a neighbouring town as Tom wanted to get a few of his geocaches done. Remember, these are all touristy towns, so being there at the tail end of the season really helps in not being desturbed when hunting for hidden plastic containers.
He found two while we were strolling through the town, there were some others along a path along the waters edge in a nature reserve.


It was quite a walk and while we were walking the sun came up and it turned into a beautiful day. We had not expected it to become that nice and had not used any sunblock and both of us got sunburned a bit.
The path itself was nice and there was lots to look at, especially since they had "stops" that showed off sea creatures and other things made out of things found at the beach.



A dinosaur




and an octopus were some of them. And the scenery itself was great as well.



At some point you could even walk up to the water's edge.






a beached jellyfish


We walked on and were amazed by all the snails on the dry brush










We were walking for about an hour and a half to get to this point, then went into a pine wood to find another cache and then we walked all the way back before driving back to our room.