Lignano 2018
October 24 - 28





A Glimpse of Italy ...... - Part 3

When we got back we rested for a bit, before heading out for dinner. There were not too many restaurants open, but there was a really highly recommended one, which was just a few steps from our place and this is where we went. 
They were half empty when we arrived at 6pm.


Tom got himself a beer, while I had a Coke - and yes, that is how much you get - no free refills. :rotfl2:




And after having dinner we went for a short walk (as if we hadn't walked enough that day) before returning to our place where we had some nice Tiramisu.


The next day we had a similar breakfast,


spent most of the day doing a bit of shopping and strolling around and just wasting the day away (which was super nice).


When we got back to our hotel by 5pm we noticed that the restaurant we had been to the night before already started to fill up (given that it was a holiday in Austria there were a lot more people).
We went to freshen up and by half past 5 we headed to the restaurant to find it pretty full, but we still got a table and had some more pizza.




When we were done we had actually wanted to go for another little walk but it had started to drizzle, so we just hurried back, settled in front of the TV and enjoyed the evening at "home".