Feb 21, 2009






„Do you realize you’ve got confetti in your hair?“


Our last day started with me sneaking to the door to look for the bill. I checked it, everything was okay, so I got back into bed for a little longer. We got up at around 8.30, got dressed and packed the rest of our stuff. Tom hauled most of it to the car, while I was making sure we didn’t leave anything behind. There was just one more stop before we left the resort. We still had the Half Hour Arcade Voucher, which we didn’t intend to use, but didn’t intend to let to go to waste.So we stopped at Old Port Royale, went for the Arcade and were on the lookout for someone who would want our card. I got into a conversation with a mom watching her kids play and it turned out they only had one card, but two kids, so I offered mine to her and she was really happy with it. Time for us to finally leave the Caribbean Beach Resort. It had been a first time visit and stay, but we really liked it there and we will definitely be going back.

We wanted to check out the Contempo Café at the Contemporary for breakfast, so this is where we went. We parked the car and went to the restaurant. It was fun playing around with the touch screen ordering boards and we finally both ordered the Bounty Platter - scrambled eggs, bacon, turkey sausage, breakfast potatoes, biscuit and french toast. We did not like sausage, so we removed it from our order. Tom got some coffee and Chocolate milk with it, while I had some Hot Chocolate and some Orange juice. You are then handed a beeper and once your order is ready you can go and pick it up. It took a little while until our platters were ready and to be honest it was not the best meal we had had for breakfast before. The eggs were rather overcooked, the bacon and potatoes were nice, but I do not really care for biscuits and that one in particular and the French Toast was just dry. Not even drowning it in syrup helped much. The hot chocolate was okay, but I have had better in Disneyland Paris.

Once we had finished our breakfast we browsed through the stores again and then finally got on our way over to the Magic Kingdom. There were quite a few people there, so first of all we went and got a Fast Pass for Space Mountain, before we got on the Peoplemover for a relaxed ride around Tomorrowland. We then went towards Main Street and the castle again and had as many more photos taken as we could get. Since we were thirsty I had another Raspberry Lemonade Slush from the Enchanted Grove, while Tom had an Iced Cappuccino and we shared a bottle of Dasani Water. By midday we went to Adventureland and rode Pirates of the Caribbean one more time, we skipped Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, because the lines were far too long.

But we visited the Haunted Mansion again and then slowly walked over through Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. Every photopass photographer did make photos of us along the way. It was really fun. Once we arrived in Tomorrowland we got on the Peoplemover again to pass time until our Fastpass. We were able to take a few really good photos of the park from the Peoplemover too.

It was still not time for Space Mountain and they were loading people into the Carousel of Progress, so we joined that group. A nice airconditioned show can not be passed up. Once our time for Space Mountain was on, we got in line and rode one last time. Next time we will be able to ride it will be after the refurbishment and it was definitely one of our favourite rides the way it was.

There was only little time left until we had to leave the park, so we headed for the exit. But wait, there was another Photopass girl taking photos of people in front of the Mickey mural. We realized it was Lauren, a photographer who had taken numerous photos of us in numerous locations and why not end our Photopass sessions of today with a few of her photos. She recognized us and we chatted for a while before she took our photos.

While she was taking photos another cast member went by and threw, “sprinkled” a little Mickey Confetti on all of us. I got all excited to end our photoshoot with pixie dust and that was the moment Lauren asked if we wanted to take home some more pixie dust.

Well, since you can never have too much pixie dust, we said yes, we would LOVE some more. She then told us to follow her and where did we go but to the Harmony Barber Shop on Town Square. People were lining up outside the barber shop, waiting their turn, but Lauren just grabbed my arm and pulled me with her. I had to sit down on a chair, lower my head and cover my eyes. She then sprayed tons of hairspray on my hair and covered it in Mickey Confetti!

There was SO much of it!! People were just shocked as they watched, when I asked Lauren what I owed her and all she said was that Pixie dust was free! Wow! We said our goodbyes and I made sure that I wrote to guest services about the experience we had had with Lauren. Now it was really time to leave and drive to Downtown Disney for a late lunch before we had to leave for the airport. On the way to Downtown Disney we stopped at Port Orleans Riverside to pick up two more Magic Cookie bars to take home. The parking lot at Downtown Disney had signs saying that the lot nearest to Wolfgang Puck’s Express was full, but we tried anyway and got lucky.

We found some parking really close to the entrance there. We walked over to Wolfgang Puck’s Express which was fairly empty when we arrived, but that changed very soon. Tom ordered what he had wanted the first time around, the Rotisserie BBQ Beef Fire-Roasted Focaccia Melt - Slices of house-roasted Niman Ranch rotisserie beef, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and Wolfgang's signature BBQ sauce, topped with mozzarella, rolled in warm, all-natural garlic focaccia bread, which was served with a side of homemade chips and chopped tomato salad. It had not been available during our first visit, so he was glad he could order it. I went with pizza AGAIN! This time I had the BBQ Chicken Pizza - all-natural chicken, mozzarella, red onions, tomatoes, chili oil, cilantro and sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. We ordered Diet Cokes to go with it and we certainly enjoyed our meals.

For dessert we both ordered the Crème Brulé again. Definitely the best Crème Brulé I had this trip. Now that we had finished off our Counter Service Credits it was off to spend the last two of our snack credits. We ordered two sets of Pretzel Rods with all our favourite toppings. It took a while for them to make them, but it is always fun to see them make different types of treats, so we stayed and watched. To our surprise there was one castmember filling those giant Oreo fudge cookies.

And I had thought they would be bought ready made somewhere. Once we had all our goodies and had spent all our credits we went to the car, packed the last items into the backpack and said goodbye to Downtown Disney and Walt Disney World for this visit. The drive to the airport was uneventful, no traffic jam and we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

 We returned the car and a porter helped us with our luggage. The line in front of the Lufthansa counter was very long. It took us about an hour to get to check in. We finally were able to carry over our luggage to the luggage check point and were free to leave. Since there is a Disney Store, the Earport Store we had to check that one out, than sat for a while and had some drinks and leftover chips, before we made our way over to the security checkpoint.

On the way there we came across a Krispy Kreme store and just could not walk past! We bought half a dozen doughnuts to take home and enjoy the next day. Security check was done pretty fast and then we joined the waiting crowds at the gate. Boarding started late and we were already half an hour late when the plane finally left the gate. Right before we took off Tom and I joked that it would be fun to see the Disney fireworks from the airplane.


After we had taken off I turned around and looked out the window and there the fireworks were. We both could not believe it! We were treated to a glorious farewell from Disney! It was nothing like the delight we had experienced on the flight in. On our dinner trays we had some horrible, tasteless pasta salad of which one fork full was more than enough. Tom had the chicken dish, which had bland, dry chicken, sweet corn and mushy rice.

I had opted for the Pasta dish with tomato sauce and mushrooms as my entree and it was overcooked and desperately needed seasoning.The dinner roll was cold and the butter rock hard. For dessert we both had a brownie, which was rather nice, even though a bit on the dry side. After dinner we both took two sleeping aids and slept for the most part of the flight.