December 8, 2007





Been there, done that, coming back – definitely!!


We needed to sleep in a little, since we had had a short night and a LONG day ahead of us with the flight home. We packed the last of our belongings and said goodbye to our wonderful villa at Old Key West!

We could not leave without another visit to Olivia’s for breakfast. Tom decided on having Olivia's Breakfast, which consists of  two fried eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast and bacon, while I had the Chocolate Mango Toast - topped with powdered sugar and berry compote, served with bacon. We decided to stop by the Contemporary Resort to pick up a few more souvenirs from their gift shop and after that last minute shopping we went to the Magic Kingdom, to spend the rest of our last day.

We took in the decorations on Main Street and had a few more photo pass photos taken.

We went towards Adventureland and had to stop for a Dole Whip before getting on Pirates. We then picked up a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and decided to explore Tom Sawyer’s Island. There was a ferry just arriving so we got in line and got on. In all the times we have been to the MK we only have been to the Island twice. So we went into all the caves and squeezed through some narrow rock caves.

 We crossed the wobbly bridges and sat down on the benches to enjoy the view. We enjoyed to see the Haunted Mansion from this angle and even more amazed to see the very long line for it!!

Since we were very thirsty we bought a bottle of Coke down where the riverboat is and sat in the rocking chairs for quite some time.

It was such a nice break there. But time was flying by and we decided to go back and have some lunch at the Harbour House before heading over to Big Thunder Mountain.

When we came to the side entrance of the harbour house a cast member directed it us to the main entrance because there was a line. We understood once we entered the restaurant. It was packed!!! There was not A line there were long lines at every counter. We got in line and ordered our lunch. Tom had the Starboard Deck Sandwich - ham with tomatoes, broccoli slaw and cheese and I had an Anchors Aweigh Sandwich - white tuna with lettuce and tomato and we decided on sharing a bowl of New England Clam Chowder . We were able to find a table by a window and had a nice lunch before our last ride of this vacation. I was not able to finish my sandwich, so we packed it up and took it with us since you never know what the airlines feed you. By then it was time to go back to Big Thunder and use our fast pass. Even though the lines were quite long we were able to get on the ride within 15 minutes. Tom asked if we could go to the back which is our favourite spot to ride it and the cast member allowed us to. We enjoyed that last ride a lot, but then it was really time for us to leave and go to the airport. So we went back towards the castle, looked around one more time to take in all the decorations and went towards the exit.

We picked up our car and went to the airport. There was some kind of traffic jam on the freeway, but we did make it in time. We returned the car and went towards the Lufthansa/United counters. Thank god we had brought a handheld scales so we were in the clear with our luggage when it was weighed. Boy, there were a lot of people taking things out of their suitcases. We had some time before our departure, so we went to get a last look at the Disney store at the airport.

We then went through security and got on our plane to Washington. Since we only had a bit more than an hour to get on the plane to Frankfurt we went to our boarding gate immediately and had the rest of our sandwiches and some of the fudge we had bought earlier. Once on the plane we had dinner at around 11pm. It was some stewed beef, vegetables and mashed potatoes. It came with a salad and some rather dry cake.

Since this is a 9 hour flight we both took some sleeping aids and were able to sleep for the most part of the trip. We even slept through breakfast. Once we had landed in Frankfurt we went to a snack bar and had some coffee and some sandwiches.

We had about 2 hours until the last leg of our trip, so that was a nice break. Right on time we got on the plane for our trip to Linz. Even though this is just a 55 minute flight they were serving coffee, tea, juices and water and some cookies. A nice treat! The cookies were very nice!! Once we had landed we waited for our luggage to arrive, picked up our car from the carpark and went home. Since this was a Sunday and everything is closed on Sundays here we picked up some pizza for lunch on the way home. We were both rather tired, so we unpacked and got things ready for Monday when we both had to go back to work. Back in the real world!! Can’t wait for August until we head to the world again and spend more time with our American friends Mary Ellen and Joe!!