August 19





How to fit it all in??


We wanted to make the most of our “full” day at Busch Gardens, so by 8.30am we were at the restaurant for our free, made to order breakfast at the hotel.  There were all the regular breakfast items and they also make fresh omelettes. We both had an omlette and some breakfast potatoes and some apple filled pancakes. Very yummy!

By nine we were on our way to the park. We went into the parking lot, got a spot right  next to the tram that takes you to the front gate and off we went to enjoy our day.

We went in the opposite direction than the first day this time and started out going towards the animal exhibits. There were giant tortoises and elephants and within no time we had reached the Rhino Rally. A safari – hmmmmmm haven’t I done that at another park before??

Got stopped and told off for wearing the wrong T-shirts – sorry, but I LOVE my Mickey shirts!

There were actually only 4 people (including us) on the ride. The ride takes you through the savannah and then while crossing a river you are “swept” away and go down the river. It is different to Kilimanjaro Safari, cause you never get that close to the animals but it was a fun ride.

Our next stop was the Pirate 4D movie. Since we had some time before the show we got a frozen lemonade to share to cool us down from inside. The movie was fun and in an A/C theater. You cannot beat that.

Next was the Scorpion coaster. Their oldest and I guess shortest coaster. But still good fun. While we still had our things in the locker we went over to Kumba – another roller coaster and since there was absolutely no line we rode it twice in a row. This coaster takes you upside down 7 times!!! 

It was time for lunch, so we made our way back to the locker, picked up our stuff and went towards the Crown Colony restaurant.

While walking there we saw some people out in the Serengeti Savannah feeding giraffes from the back of a truck. Quick look at the park map and we found out that for an extra fee these tours could be booked, so we went and picked up 2 tickets for the 4pm tour.We went to the Crown Colony restaurant for lunch and both had freshly carved roastbeef sandwiches, which were VERY good!

After lunch we had some time left, so we took the Skyride to explore if the Sheikra was up and running – well, what a surprise it was down again. So we explored the area, watching people on the waterrides, there is a flume ride where people can get wet, a raft ride, where people will get drenched and the tidal wave where people get absolutely soaked. We wanted to try Kumba again, but that was down too!

Since we needed to get to the other end of the park for the tour we just went back to the Skyride and rode across the park in our “skybucket”. There was a little time left before the safari so we checked out the Montu Coaster. 

As this was an absolute walk-on, we rode it three times within 40 minutes and then hurried over to go on the safari. That was so much fun. 

About 15 people were loaded onto the back of a truck and the guide pointed out animals, while we were standing there. Once we reached the giraffes the guide handed out romaine lettuce leaves for us to feed the giraffes with. Now that was real good fun.

We got to feed and pet two of the giraffes for about 15 minutes. We then went through the rest of the “animal reserve” and got really close up to the animals. After the tour we wanted to give the Sheikra a last try. It was test running when we reached it, so we went to the Smoke house for a drink and some chocolate cake. When we returned to the Sheikra AGAIN it was running and the line was VERY short, so we got in and rode it. As I said before it takes you up 200 feet, then hangs you over the edge of a 90 degree drop for a few seconds before you fall. As if this was not enough the coaster drops you a second time, this time into a “black hole” and it is a floorless coaster.It was an absolute BLAST! We loved it!!!!!!!!

When we got off we wanted to get in line again right away, but the line was long, so I searched for the “return tickets” we had received the day before, when it had been broken down as well. These return tickets came in very handy as it shortened the wait time and it was our turn to ride again within 10 minutes. FUN again!

By then it was nearly 7pm and we were both tired. So we got on the Skyride again, rode back to the Egypt area and headed for the exit.

We went shopping for a snack dinner and went back to the hotel to have dinner and have an early night.