The Players
Aug 14 - Sept 2


Aug 27 - Sept 1

Mary Ellen





Day 1, Aug 14
Flight: Linz - Vienna - Washington DC - Orlando
Day 2, Aug 15
Universal Orlando's Island of Adventures
Universal Studios Florida
Day 3, Aug 16
Universal Studios Florida
Universal Orlando's Island of Adventures
Day 4, Aug 17
Universal Orlando's Island of Adventures
Universal Studios Florida
Day 5, Aug 18
Drive to Tampa
Busch Gardens Tampa
Day 6, Aug 19
Busch Gardens Tampa
Day 7, Aug 20
Drive to Orlando, exchange APs and explore DTD
Epcot, dinner at California Grill
Day 8, Aug 21
Yacht Club Galley breakfast, MGM, Ghirardelli's
off site grocery shopping, Pirate and Princess Party
Day 9, Aug 22
Sleep in, Epcot, MGM, dinner at Sci-Fi
Day 10, Aug 23
MK, lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern
offsite Disney Outlet shopping, EMH at Epcot
Day 11, Aug 24
MGM, dinner at Kona Cafe, Epcot
Day 12, Aug 25
MEMH at AK, off site grocery shopping
dinner at California Grill, Wishes from observation deck
Day 13, Aug 26
Change hotels, start of  Free Dining, MGM
change car, dinner at Ohana's, EMH at MK
Day 14, Aug 27
Meet Mary Ellen, Joe and Kristy, have Kitchen Sink, Epcot
dinner at Concourse Steakhouse, EMH at MGM
Day 15, Aug 28
Sleep in, lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern
 Pirate and Princess Party
Day 16, Aug 29
Sleep in, MGM, dinner at Le Cellier
Cirque du soleil La Nouba
Day 17, Aug 30
AK at park opening, dinner at Alfredo's
MK for Wishes
Day 18, Aug 31
Breakfast at Olivia's, shopping at DTD
dinner at Coral Reef, EMH at Epcot
Day 19, Sept 1
Lunch at Plaza Restaurant, say goodbye to Mary Ellen and family
dinner at Mama Melrose, EMH at MGM
Day 20, Sept 2
Pack up and head for Airport
fly home
Day 21, Sept 3
Arrive back home