August 16





A Disney Excursion


Got up, looked out the window and saw the blue skies. Wonderful – another nice day at Universal! We went out for breakfast, to the Denny’s right besides the Sheraton Studio City and while having breakfast decided to skip the morning at Universal and pay a visit to Downtown Disney. So we got into our convertible, and off we went.
Arrived at DTD shortly after 11 and went straight for World of Disney. My kind of shop!

Needless to say that it took quite a while to browse through the shop and YES, couldn’t resist buying a few items including a pirate flag for the car’s antenna and a princess crown topper, to “top it all”! Stopped at Ghirardelli’s to have a raspberry and dark chocolate and an intense mint ice-cream sundae! YUM, YUM!!! Next were the Christmas Shop and the Art of Disney Shop. Both are very “dangerous” for my finances! On the way back we stopped at the Disney “pet supplies” store and checked out the pin station. Nothing starts off a holiday like a short shopping spree at DTD!  

We then got back to the car, put the flag and crown onto the antenna, took down the top and off we went – well, not too far, since it looked a lot like rain!

Turned left towards the Reedy Creek Fire department, closed the top again and off we went. Good thing we did close the top since it started raining on the freeway. Tom let me get off at the hotel entrance and then parked the car and “ran” back.

Since it was raining anyway we had a short break (just enough for a trip report) at the hotel.

After it had stopped raining we got changed and went down to take the water taxi to Universal Citywalk. It was already time for dinner, so we went into the Islands of Adventures to try the Mythos Restaurant.

After we had entered they closed the doors – lucky us, we were the last guests they had accepted that day. Got seated within 15 minutes and had a VERY nice dinner! We shared a Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Flatbread and Tom had the Buffalo BBQ Fried Chicken Wrap - Spicy, sweet fried chicken with cheddar mashed potatoes and fresh greens wrapped in a grilled tortilla with french fries while I had the Risotto of the day a vegetable risotto with Scallops, green asparagus and mushrooms. Delicious!!

It was around 8 by the time we left, and the park was open until 10 so we tried to fit at least a few rides in. First were the Duelling Dragons, rode the Icedragon once and the Firedragon twice – nearly no line with the Express Pass, but they were slowing down lines loading the dragons.

We then strolled over to Jurassic Park and Toon Lagoon, where we took a few photos. Then we went on Spiderman again and finished the day off with the Incredible Hulk ride.

Since there was a LONG line for the water-taxi, we decided to walk back to the hotel. We talked to one of the guards at the Margaritaville Gate and the poor guy still had 5 ˝ hours to stand there.  We got home shortly past 10 and only one water taxi had passed us, so the decision to walk was a good one. Even though we had not done that much that day, we were both VERY tired and went to bed after  little more TV.