September 3





Back home again!


Sleeping on a plane is a real pain! I woke up about 3 hours before we were supposed to land in Vienna and I hurt all over. Sitting in those tiny seats for 8 hours is NOT my dream of a vacation.

We were served some different kinds of ham and cheeses, orange juice, a joghurt and a muffin. Not the tastiest of breakfasts.

We landed right on time in Vienna and were both VERY tired. Our night had been very short and the time difference of 6 hours didn’t help either. There was more than enough time during our stop over in Vienna to have some real Austrian breakfast. I really enjoyed it.

Our flight to Linz was on time and uneventful. Only highlight was the ham filled short crust stick we got as a snack. Arriving in Linz I couldn’t believe our luggage being delivered within 10 minutes and we left to meet our catsitter Christa, who had offered to pick us up. We loaded all of our stuff into her car and in no time were on our way back to our house. Arriving there Raimund was waiting for us with a bouquet of flowers.

We tried to settle in, played with Pixie the cat, who was happy to see us again and then went out to do some grocery shopping. We picked up pizza on the way home to eat for lunch.

We unpacked most of our things, then settled on the couch to rest and watch a little TV. It was VERY hard to stay awake, but we had to, to get our inner “clock” back to our time zone.

I went back home to my flat in the early evening, got everything ready for the next morning and went to bed very early.

But what a wonderful vacation it had been!
We spent 3 weeks in the US, stayed at Disney for 2 full weeks, were guests at 3 princess and pirate parties, watched La Nouba and enjoyed Universal and Busch Gardens, Tampa. And we met the nicest and “bestest” friends one can wish for, Mary Ellen, Joe and Kristy.