September 2





Time to go back home!

Our last day was here. We slept in a little, since we had gone to bed so late the day before. While I packed the last bits and pieces Tom started to carry down the luggage to the car. We had our last breakfast at the food court, Breakfast platter again, picked up a few rice-crispy Mickeys to spend a few more snack credits and then went over to the gift shop to spend the rest of them. We even got a box of doughnuts as snacks for our long way home.

We checked out of the resort shortly before 11 and went to the airport. Returning the car was a piece of cake, but wheeling our luggage over to departure was quite some work. We were searching the United counter and it was the one with the longest line I have ever seen. It took us nearly an hour to check in! There was not much time left, so we went through security and towards our departure gate. We bought a little more Ghirardelli chocolate at the airport, then boarded our plane to Washington and landed there 2 hours and 45 minutes later. Next we searched for our gate for the flight to Vienna, checked in for that flight and since there was more than an hour left, we went to have some early dinner. Tom had a burger, while I had the tuna melt. Both were very good and it turned out we were VERY lucky we had had them, because the food on the flight was not very good at all.

The plane left right on time and it was full! About 1 hours into the flight they served dinner, Nicoise salad, choice of either chicken with rice and veg or salmon with mashed potatoes and steamed veg. Both tasted yucky after the wonderful food we had had at Disney.

Dessert were Profiteroles. They were still a little frozen inside, but yummy. We both took a sleeping aid and were able to sleep for most of the flight.