August 26





Free Dining


Today was „moving day“! We called luggage services in the morning to have our two big bags moved from Pop Century to All Star Movies. They were there in no time to pick up the bags and we loaded the rest of our stuff into the car and went to the Front Desk to straighten out the bill as they had charged us three times every time we had our car valet parked at a restaurant.After that we went over to All Star Movies to check in and pick up our Keys to the World with Free Dining! We arrived there around 10am to find a VERY LONG line for check in. 

After being in line Cast Members with trays of cookies and soft drinks came out and offered those to all of us in line for check in – now how is that for a start to free dining! The cookies were chocolate chip ones and individually wrapped. It took nearly an hour until we were checked in and needless to say the rooms were not ready by that time.

Since it was shortly before 11 we tried if we still could get some breakfast at the food court. We could and we used the first two of our counter service credits for that. Tom had the Adult Breakfast Platter - Scrambled eggs, potatoes, biscuit, sausage and bacon, while I tried the Croissant Breakfast Sandwich. Both were very good and very filling and we were ready to hit another park.

Shortly past 12 we hit MGM and had a few more pictures taken for our Photopass CD. Stop one was the Tower of Terror, which had a bit of a wait, so we picked up a Fastpass. Over to Rock’n’Rollercoaster, which was down, so we thought we better get out of the heat and try the Great Movie Ride. LONG line, so we left and went over to One Man’s Dream, which was rather deserted, so we went for that. We both love the displays and even if we have done it several times right now, there is always a little something that is new to us.

We spent a lot of time in there, took a lot of photos and enjoyed the movie in the end.

There was still time left until the Fastpass, so we went over to see the Magic of Disney Animation. Unfortunately they have shortened it so much, but it was still fun to see.Tried the Great Movie Ride again, but the line was still too long, so we went over to sit in the airconditioned theater of the Muppet Vision 3D. After that it was time to use our Fastpasses. We both LOVE Tower of Terror and are very much looking forward to the opening of the one in Disneyland Paris in early 08!

The ride was great as always, just Mickey is such a coaster chicken – he always wants to take the stairs!

After that it was time to try if our room was ready and since the sky turned grey we went back to the resort. We called the number on the card they had given us and were told our room number. It was right next to the main building in the Dalmations building, looking out onto the courtyard. The room was nice, clean and cool, so we rested for a short while. I called luggage services and they told us that our luggage was to arrive within the next hour.

We then decided to check out the gift shop and while on the way there met a Cast Member delivering our luggage. Handed over a tip for him since we would not be in the room and went shopping. When we returned our luggage sat on top of the beds and we were able to change for our dinner reservation at 7.40pm at Ohana’s.

We went over to the Polynesian, parked our car and went to the Podium. Boy, was it packed and was there a long line for check in for the restaurant. Every single group without a reservation in line ahead of us was turned away. When we finally made it to the Podium they had run out of beepers. We waited for a while to get one, then went over to the telephones to give our friends Mary Ellen and Joe a call. They were to arrive in WDW the very next day. It took about 25 minutes until we were seated at a very nice table behind the great fire pit. We both ordered a Backscratcher to celebrate our vacation and the food just flooded our table. We both love the food, it is just coming to much at a time and there is just too much of it!

We were really hungry when the Fried Wontons served with peanut sauce, chimichurri sauce and harissa and the mixed greens with a honey-lime dressing arrived and started nibbling away. Next were the Spicy-sweet and sour shrimp and the Honey-coriander chicken wings. Then they brought out the Maui Scalloped Potatoes and Stir-fried Vegetables followed by the meat skewers. Everything tasted just wonderful.

Right after the skewers were served the fireworks started and we had a perfect view of them from our table. I would have never dreamed of seeing them from there. The fireworks were over and our dessert arrived. I am not one for breadpudding, but the 'Ohana bread pudding a la mode with Bananas Foster Sauce is to die for! We used our Table Service Credits for the meal, left an extra tip and left the restaurant. There were people still waiting outside the restaurant.

We went over to the Monorail and went to the MK for Extra Magic Hours. We rode Big Thunder Mountain, went to see Philharmagic and Peter Pan, went over to the Haunted Mansion, which was closed, and went back to Big Thunder Mountain again.

We went through Adventureland and rode Pirates of the Caribbean and fit in another ride on Space Mountain.

By then it was time to leave. We got on the Resort Monorail again and went over to the Polynesian to pick up our car. Back in our room we just fell into our beds. The next day was a very special one for us – the arrival of our friends, Mary Ellen, Joe and Kristy.