February 14, 2010




An upgrade, a surprise and a cancellation


We woke up early, our body clocks were still on European time, so we decided to try the provided coffee before checking out of the hotel. We both sat down with a cup of rather weak coffee, which needed lots of sugar to become drinkable and I munched the chocolate bar we had left. By 8.30 we were ready to leave. I checked us out, Tom went to pick up the car and drove up to the entrance where we loaded our stuff into the car, fixed the GPS again and off we went to the Coronado Springs Resort. By 9am we arrived at their parking lot. We had done the online check in, so we went to the special online check in desk, where no one was waiting. The Cast Member checking us in was super friendly and gave us lots of information on the resort, even told us which part of the resort our room would be in, but it wasn’t ready at 9am.

We had not expected it to be ready, but were still stunned that they would reveal the area and building it was in and it was real close to the main building! Very good! So after we had finished the check in process we went to bell services and got rid of our luggage before we headed over to Downtown Disney for some breakfast. We went to Wolfgang Puck’s Express again and while chatting with the Cast Member who took our order he got all excited we were from Austria and told us that Wolfgang was from Austria too, and if it weren’t for him, Wolfgang, he would not have a job, so he was going to double our AP discount, which he really did! Wow! Nice! Tom had some Diet Coke and I had some of their Earl Grey Tea and then we went to look for a table. About 5 minutes after we had sat down our food was brought to our table. Tom got the slightly "renewed" Wolfgang's Breakfast Pocket, scrambled eggs, ham, peppers, onions, mushrooms mozzarella and cheddar.

I went for my old favourite, the Smoked Bacon Pizza, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar and Ranch Dressing. I could not believe the size of the pizza and when I mentioned it to the server he told us that it was still the same amount of dough and toppings but they had made the base thinner and crispier. Both dishes were as yummy as always. Once we had finished our meal we went out to explore Downtown Disney.

We spent quite some time wandering the stores, trying a chocolate sample at Ghirardelli’s and picking up some chocolate to take home. We did a bit of shopping at the World of Disney store and then went to Goofy’s Candy Company to have some treats made. We got three Pretzel Rods, dipped into dark chocolate, then dipped in crushed butterfinger, Oreo cookie crumbs and fresh, grated coconut, and all of them drizzled with milk chocolate.

Once we had picked all that up we decided to go leave and go somewhere else.We were just walking into the parking lot when Tom’s phone rang and we were told our room number. So now we knew where we would go – back to the resort to check out our room. After the short drive over to the Coronado Springs Resort we tried our Key To The World card at the gates and it did NOT work! Tom tried it a few times before we headed back to the main entrance to try it at the gate there. Didn’t work their either, but the guard opened the gate for us and we were in only to find out that you HAVE to use the outside gate to get to the room. So we tried again and this time it worked and we were in. We picked up our purchases and the laptop bag and went to look for the room.

We were both prepared to find a view of either the parking lot or landscaping, since we had opted for a standard room. Now we climbed the stairs and walked all around the resort and finally when we got closer to our room number we discovered that this was an area with a view of the quiet pool AND the lake.I didn’t dare hope but we actually HAD been upgraded to a water view room and that was not enough, we even had a corner room with two windows!

We were so happy – now if only the room key would work. YES, it worked and we walked into an absolutely beautiful room. I knew from my friend Kathy that they had renovated the rooms lately, but this was absolutely stunning. But wait! Is this really our room? There is a cooler IN the room and we did not bring it. By then it hit me! There was a present waiting in the room for us! Mary Ellen and Joe had sent us a wonderful Mickey cooler full of yummy treats.

So we whipped out the camera and took lots of photos, before we started the “taste test”. Once we had recovered from our “shock” we called bell services to deliver the rest of our luggage and enjoyed the room and the view. After the luggage was delivered we unpacked and rested a little as we had planned to go to Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom, which were held from midnight until 3am!

By mid afternoon we decided to drive over to Publix and pick up a few groceries and some sweetener we wanted to take home.

As always we bought far more than we had actually planned and we had bought lots of snack items which we had been longing for for the last 6 months.We ended up snacking far more than we had originally planned and had to admit defeat.There was NO way we would be able to eat any more for dinner, so we cancelled our reservation at The Wave.Instead we went to check out the resort and went to the main building and checked out the restaurants and the shop, which had a lot of fun stuff. By 7.30pm we decided to nap a little before heading out to the Magic Kingdom around 11pm. Now, that was a really bad idea. We were not able to get up again and decided to skip Extra Magic Hours and just went back to sleep.