February 19, 2010




Itís no fun being sick on vacation!


Our last full day had begun, time had just flown by, but we had plans on how to fill that last day with lots of fun. We got up early, had a little in room breakfast, finishing all the leftovers and were out the door by 8.30. We drove over to Hollywood Studios and got to park right in the middle of a row without having to leave and come back for a better spot.

We arrived at the turnstiles right after 9am and stopped at the tipboard to find out that Toy Story Mania was down, so we decided to pick up a Fast Pass for Tower of Terror instead and maybe we would be able to ride Toy Story Mania in the standby line. So after picking up the Fast Pass and checking RockíníRollercoaster, which already had a long line we walked over to the New York and San Francisco lot.

Then we checked out the store opposite Mama Melrose and walked back towards Sci-Fi. When we walked by Star Tours the Jedi Academy was in full swing and we stopped and watched for quite some time. After the experience we walked to the Sorcererís Hat and since there was still time left we decided to do the Great Movie Ride. We were surprised because the main waiting area was full, but the lines moved quickly.

We were seated within 10 minutes and off we went into the movies. By that time I started to feel a bit odd, but nothing too serious and so we walked over to Tower of Terror after the ride.

We were amazed to find a really long standby line and loved the convenience of the Fast Pass line. We were on an elevator within 10 minutes of getting in line. Once we got off the ride we walked towards the tip board again and found Toy Story Mania to have a 90 minute wait and we didnít want to do that, especially now that I felt even worse, having a slight headache and feeling a bit sick.

So we left the park and decided to head back to the resort so I could have a little nap. By early afternoon I thought I needed to try to get out of bed and grab something to eat, so I might feel better after all. I didnít find anything I liked at the Cafť Rix, just picked up a few teabags, the most expensive Twinings teabags in my life.Why not drive to Port Orleans for a little walk and maybe pick up something in their foodcourt.

The only thing I felt like trying were Grapes and after forcing myself to have some I even started to like them and finished them off.

My sick feeling didnít go away entirely but I was feeling better. Tom thought that maybe some Pepto would help to make me feel ALL better, so we went in search of some. They didnít have any at Riverside, but we went to Walgreens anyway to pick up some sleeping aid and a few more other items and we picked up some Pepto tablets too.

Once back at the resort I took two of them and placed myself in front of the TV. It did not take long and I felt really violently ill. So sick that my grapes decided to leave me again. We had actually planned to go to Epcot of EMH, but I just didnít feel like going there and we had to cancel our Il Mulino reservation as well. I had to sneak into the bathroom when Cast Members arrived to do turndown service, but right after I hit my bed and went to sleep. Poor Tom was left with snacking leftovers and Doritos with Salsa. Thankfully we had done most of the packing the day before.