February 20, 2010




Time to go home!


I woke up early and felt a lot better, so around 7am we both decided to get up and get ready to pack up the rest of our stuff as it was time to leave that day. I packed all the stuff that was still out and put all the tickets and papers in my handbag. Now the coolers came in real handy as we still had leftover drinks which we put in there to keep cool and consume lateron in the day at the airport. By 8.30 we were ready to leave this wonderful resort.

We headed to luggage services and stowed our luggage there until it was time to leave for the airport. We had a breakfast reservation at The Wave and so we went over to the Contemporary, parked our car and went inside. We were seated as soon as we had signed in and we were surprised the restaurant wasn’t any fuller. Tom ordered some coffee and I had some of their Lavender Earl Grey Tea which is very good. I didn’t want to take any chances and ordered something I thought would make me feel better. So I ordered the Multigrain French Toast - with fruit compote, with a splash of Acai Juice and bacon, which I gave to Tom so my stomach would not have to do too much work. Tom had The Southern - Scrambled eggs with smoked pork loin and a biscuit, which he substituted with white toast. Both breakfasts were really delicious and we both enjoyed them very much. It took quite a while for our server to bring out the modified bill, even though we had told her beforehand that we had a Tables in Wonderland Card.

But then she surprised us, with the modified bill she brought out a little box, opened it at the table and said this was a little birthday treat for Tom, a Cherry Danish. We were so surprised and I guess the tip really showed. Once we had recovered we walked over to the Magic Kingdom to spend the morning there. We had a good look around the Main Street Confectioner, who had lots of things for Easter already on display.

We strolled through the Emporium and then went over to Tomorrowland to pick up a Fast Pass for Spacemountain. Then we went on the Peoplemover and after that we slowly walked over to Fantasyland and explored some of the shops as the rides were rather busy. We then made our way over to Liberty Square and the Haunted Mansion which we rode without any line at all.

After that we walked over to Big Thunder Mountain and rode that. Next stop was the Pirates of the Caribbean and then we walked back to Fantasyland. There was still time until our Fast Pass started, so we walked into Philharmagic which was fun as always. Our last stop was Spacemountain. Thankfully with the Fast Pass it just took a few minutes to get to the loading area.

Riding Space Mountain was fun as always and by then it was time for us to leave and get back to our car. But we had to stop and pick up some Popcorn before we finally said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom.

I munched my popcorn on the way to the car and then we went to Downtown Disney for the last lunch of this trip. So after two rounds on the parking lot we found a spot to park our car and walked over to Wolfgang Puck’s Express. We both ordered Diet Cokes and Tom wanted to try the Butternut Squash Soup - with a roasted red pepper swirl and chives. It was the first item on Wolfgang’s menu we both didn’t like at all.

The soup was really thick and terribly sweet and the red pepper didn’t really work well with it at all. After a few spoonfuls Tom decided that that was more than enough. Tom had chosen the BBQ Chicken Pizza - all-natural chicken, mozzarella, red onions, tomatoes, chili oil, cilantro and sweet and tangy BBQ sauce as his main course and I had the Pizza Margherita - tomato-basil garlic sauce, mozzarella and parmesan, Roma tomatoes and fresh basil. Both were really good and we enjoyed them very much. I could not leave without having had some Crème Bruleé, which was as yummy as always. Once we had finished our last Wolfgang Puck feast for this trip we walked over to Goofy’s Candy Company and had some Pretzel Rods made. They were all dipped into dark chocolate, then dipped in grated coconut, crushed butterfinger and oreo crumbs and drizzled with milk chocolate.

While there we decided that a Rice Crispy Treat would be a nice surprise for one of the kids, that we wanted to bring a little something. So the cast member dipped a rice crispy Mickey into milk chocolate, then into colourful sprinkles and drizzled it with milk chocolate. It took about half 20 minutes to have them made but it was well worth the wait. Next stop, Port Orleans Riverside to pick up some Magic Cookie Bars to take home, can’t go home without one of my favourite treats! Once they were done shopping, we walked back to our car and drove back to the Coronado Springs Resort, where we picked up our luggage. I wanted to rearrange our luggage, since we had parked at a spot that wasn’t ideal, so we drove around the resort a little and finally ended up in a cast member parking lot.

We still had a few Diet Cokes and two bottles of water left over so I walked up to one of the Cast Members who was sitting outside and asked if they would like to have them. They were really happy with the drinks. We repacked our boot and then said our final goodbyes to the resort and headed toward the freeway. We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, returned the car to Dollar and got a trolley to transport our luggage over to Lufthansa for check in. The line at check in was long and since we hadn’t had access to a printer checking in online had not been an option, so we were stuck in the line. It took about 45 minutes to check in finally. Thankfully I had reserved our seats right at booking time, so we had no problem being seated together. Once we had checked everything in we handed over our luggage for inspection and off we went. We still had the Cherry Danish from the Wave to “kill” and had to finish off the drinks we had kept, a beer for Tom, a Diet Coke for me and a bottle of water .. just in case.

So we sat at one of the tables and shared the Danish, the Coke and water and Tom finished off his beer. About an hour an a half before departure we went through security and even though there were loads of people it went really fast. Once inside we had to use the Monorail to get to our gate. On the way there we stopped at some shops and got a few more souvenirs for friends’ kids. Our flight was on time!

Once they started boarding it did not take long for us to get on board, stow our luggage and settle into our seats. Unfortunately this time the flight did affect me. The noise and the motion started a headache, so within the first hour Tom and I both took some sleeping aid and thankfully fell asleep rather soon. We both must have been exhausted, as we both slept right through dinner service.


Home ..