February 21, 2010




Back home again!


We both woke up around the same time, about an hour before breakfast was served. We made our way down to the restrooms, and freshened up, happy to have slept through most of our flight.They soon handed out hot towels and then it was time for breakfast. I thought my stomach had settled by then, but the smell of the omelette really made me sick again. So after Tom had tried just a bite of the omelette we both settled on eating the fruit and the dry roll with butter and jam.

 About 50 minutes after breakfast we landed in Frankfurt a little ahead of time. Now, Frankfurt is a HUGE airport and hiked from our arrival gate to the departure gate. There were more security checks and once we had arrived at the correct gate we found out that our flight was delayed! So we grabbed some seats in the waiting area and waited. Next up, the gate changes, so we walk down the hallway to the other gate, and are greeted with the announcement of a further delay.

 About 90 minutes after it was supposed to, our plane left Frankfurt airport. Thankfully that flight was just 50 minutes long. We were served coffee and tea and some cookies before we landed to a perfect winter wonderland. After picking up our luggage we walked down to the parking lot, picked up our car and drove home. Thankfully some of the gas stations also sell groceries, so we stopped on the way home for some fresh, crispy rolls and some sausages, ham and other necessities. Once back home we had some sausages with mustard and rolls and had some coffee before unpacking and in no time it was time for me to drive back home to my flat. And another unforgettable visit to Mickey had come to an end.