Feb 21, 2011




A lazy President’s Day with lots of sunshine, treats and a dinner with a view!


It was President’s Day and since we had only gotten to bed by 3.30am we decided to sleep in and only got up around 9am. Tom made some coffee and we had some of our cookies for breakfast. We unpacked and by 11am we were ready to head out to do some shopping. We drove over to Publix and did some shopping.

There are some staples we want to have every trip, so we got those and a few more treats we wanted to try. Since we were already close to the Kissimmee Krispy Kreme, we took a chance and drove there. We were happy to see that the “Hot Now” sign was actually on and parked our car and headed into the store. We bought half a dozen Glazed Doughnuts and plopped down at a table. Now it came in handy that we had only had a small cookie or two for breakfast. Tom got some Chocolate Milk and I got a Diet Coke and we started munching the first one of our doughnuts. So yummy and it was gone fast. Should we eat a second one? Hm, they were hot and yummy and calling our name. We had a second one. Now the two left over doughnuts looked really sad, so we decided that even though we were full we would put them out of their misery and eat them! Stuffed to the gills we went and washed our hands before we picked up another half dozen to take back to the room.

On the way back to the resort we stopped once or twice to look at one shop or another, but all those souvenir shops along I 192 look exactly the same. We came back to the resort in the early afternoon and were sure that our room was done by then – nope! Not Ready Yet!! So we put everything away, had a drink, grabbed our cameras and decided to explore the resort for a while.

We headed over to the pool because Tina had mentioned before that they might be there and they were. Tina and her mother were enjoying the sun and the adult drinks while Mark and Max took a nap back at the room. We stayed for a while and talked before we parted ways again. Tom and I walked along the side of the lake, taking in the sun, the blue skies, the palm trees and the millions of blossoms and blooming trees.

What a change from the greyish brown grass that we had left back home. We walked across the bridge and over to the shop to do a little more window shopping before we headed back to our room. It must have been cleaned by now. Nope! Not Ready yet! So we got our bags again and off we went to do some more shopping. We were looking for a Dollartree to look for some things to pick up to put into the Fish Extenders on our summer cruise.

The store is at the other end of Kissimmee and once we had found it we picked up quite a few things which we could easily use to include into our Fish Extender gifts. We stopped at some shops to have a look at waterproof cameras and finally went back to the resort. It was close to 6pm and we were hoping and wishing that finally our room would have been made – and yeah, by the end of the day even we had gotten a clean room. We stowed away our new purchases and had a few snacks while relaxing on the beds and watching TV. A little after 7pm we got ready to go out again and head over to the Contemporary for dinner at the California Grill.

We arrived a little early for our reservation, asked if Ron would be working and no, he wasn’t, so we didn’t mind where we were seated. Our reservation was for right when Wishes was starting so we went outside a little ahead of time and found a perfect spot on the observation deck to watch it. We were right in time for the Memories, the Magic and Me show on the castle.

The fireworks were wonderful as always and the view from the Contemporary gives you an idea on how far away they are actually launched. Once they were over we went back inside the restaurant and tried to find some space where we could wait for our table. Right then our buzzer went off and we were led towards the back of the restaurant to a small table between two larger tables where people were celebrating. We both weren’t very hungry and decided that instead of sharing a starter we would both get two appetizers and maybe dessert. Our server was Erica, who had actually been our server the last time we were there too! So we ordered our Diet Cokes and went to have a look at the menu. Tom decided that he wanted to order the Spicy Kazan Roll, with Crab, Shrimp, Bay Scallops, Tuna and Fireball Sauce.

I had my heart set on a Flatbread, the Grilled Flat Iron Steak Flatbread, with Cambozola Blue, Mushroom Cream, Horseradish and Tempura Shallots.After we had placed the order we got a basket full of Sourdough Bread and Butter with Seasalt, to carry us over until our main courses would arrive. We nibbled a bit of the bread and very soon our plates arrived. Since we both had similar dishes before, we knew what to expect and were not disappointed! Okay, on to the second starter. Tom wanted to try the Fire Roasted Maine “Big One” Mussels, with Coconut Lime and Curry Broth, Finger Lime Aioli and Coriander Bread, while I had decided to try the Main Lobster Salad with Avocado and Yogurt Dressing, Jicama and local Honeybell Vinaigrette.

And while Tom enjoyed his mussels I found the lobster rather chewy and the whole salad a bit too cold. We were actually full by then, but Erica brought the dessert menus anyway. Even though I was about sure NOT to get dessert, once I read the first item on the menu, I knew that I was going to stuff myself silly that day. Tom stayed strong and only ordered a Cappuccino, that came with a chocolate biscotti, I gave in and ordered some dessert. I had the Butterscotch Bread Pudding, with Apple Compote, Drunken Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla-Toffee Ice Cream. Oh my god, it was heaven on earth. So good! When we had finally finished coffee and dessert we settled the bill and walked down to Valet Parking to pick up our car. We got back to our room at around 11pm, watched a little more TV and finally were off to bed. There was another exciting day ahead of us!