The players





Day 1, February 19

Are you sure you have a reservation?



Day 2, February 20

Friends, treats, a DREAM and finally a hotel room


Day 3, February 21

A lazy President’s Day with lots of sunshine, treats and a dinner with a view!


Day 4, February 22

Through the Wild Africa with Megan and Meghan



Day 5, February 23

A peek at the Flower and Garden Festival with a visit to „The Ditch“ and some caramel



Day 6, February 24

Rides and shows, run Forrest run, and lots and expensive shopping



Day 7, February 25

Call of the wild and Mater calls from the pool and yummy desserts are calling our name



Day 8, February 26

Crowds, two parks, flowers, lots of food and a plane ride home



Day 9, February 27

So sad it's over, looking forward to more