Feb 27, 2011




So sad it's over, looking forward to more


We both woke up because there was a loud noise. Something had fallen out of the locker above us. The man who was seated behind us got down on the floor and started putting things back into the bag. I was wondering what had fallen down and asked Tom if it had been our bag, but he wasn’t sure either. We both were still very sleepy and went back to sleep. When we finally woke up we had missed breakfast on board and were close to arriving in Frankfurt. Once we had arrived and were at the terminal, Tom got everything down and indeed the piece that had fallen out of the overhead compartment had been our bag. I know things can shift, but the way the man had moved around things I am pretty sure he had moved it around before it fell. Now there is nothing wrong with a bag falling out, it can happen, but in our bag there were two bags of Ghirardelli chocolate which we had placed in between our jackets so they would not be broken and a bag of caramel popcorn from Germany.

When we finally opened the bag in the terminal building we knew why the guy behind us had been busily hiding and looking down when we were leaving the plane. Inside the bag the caramel popcorn was sticking everywhere! To our jackets to the plastic bag and the paper bag it had been in, was missing. So I guess the popcorn had fallen out of the bag and the paper bag must have been damaged and the “nice” guy behind us had just shovelled everything back in.

Thank god the weather was nice enough we didn’t really need to wear our jackets. Once we were off the plane we had to go through passport control and then started hiking towards our departure gate. We didn’t rush too much as usually they don’t board more than 30 minutes early, but when we were walking towards the gate we could hear the announcement that passengers to Linz should go to the gate immediately! We were already on the last bus out to the plane and once we were seated, it didn’t take long until we started rolling and finally took off.

As this is a pretty short flight, it didn’t take long until they started serving snacks. We both had a cup of Coke and they handed out Toblerone, chocolate bars, so this was what we both had for breakfast! A very short while later we touched down at our home airport and were soon heading into the arrival building. Tom picked up a luggage cart while I waited at the conveyer belt, and our luggage was arriving soon after.

We loaded everything onto the cart and headed to the green exit, being sure we had not used the amount we were allowed to bring into the country tax free.

Guess what, we were called over and asked about our purchases. I guess it was mostly because we hauled a huge “tax free shopping” bag, that looked rather full. But it was only our jackets and all the loose items (and loose popcorn) that we had put in there. So after a quick look into the bag we were waved through. Now it was time to pay for parking and then we headed over to the long term parking lot. It was cold and there was snow on the ground and we were both not very happy, as being back meant that we had to go back to work the very next day. On the way home we stopped at a gas station to pick up a few groceries, as every other shop is closed here on weekends! We made another stop at a take-away pizza place, picked up two pizzas and went home to be finally back to the real world and TinkerBell, the cat!


Time to start counting down to our summer vacation!