Nov 4, 2007






Another fun filled day and the trip home!


Again we were able to sleep in a little, since our breakfast time was 9am again. We got there on time, used the “on time”, kind of Fastpass lane and found a table quickly. We sat right across the family from Vienna we had shared a table with the day before. We really enjoyed our last breakfast at the Santa Fe. After we had finished our meal we went back to our room and moved our stuff back into the car.

We drove around the resort one more time and took a few more photos to show Mary Ellen. Then it was back to the front desk, return the key-cards and we were on our way over to the Hotel New York. This is where we parked our car for the day. We then strolled through the Village and went through security and headed towards the turnstiles to get into the park. We followed our daily routine. Picked up a Fastpass for Big Thunder, went over to the Indiana Jones Coaster and rode it twice because the line was still short.

Then we went past Scull Rock over to Pirates, where they were getting ready for the first guests of the day at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, which you float by in your boat while riding Pirates. Casey Jones, the little circus train was open, so we got in line for that. The line moved quickly and we were soon seated on the train and off we went.

We then walked over to Big Thunder to try and pick up another Fastpass and luckily they still had some that were within our park time, so we got in line, got one and then went to ride with the other Fastpass. After that it was time to walk back to the Restaurant to have lunch. We went for the Buccaneers menu and Tom chose the Shrimp Cocktail curry with coconut milk, while I wanted to try the Vegetable with Wasabi, Sushi-style Pineapple and tomato Chutney with Combava.

We both liked what we got, even though I was not prepared for an uncut sushi roll filled with pineapple and cucumber. But it tasted very nice. We both wanted to try the Snapper fillet, vegetable fricassee with coriander, which was nice, but I did not care too much for it. The fish was sitting on top of stewed veggies which were cooked a little too much for my liking. And it could have been a bit more spicy. Now it was time for dessert.

Tom had the Marco Polo - Ice cream with piña colada, banana, chocolate and whipped cream while I wanted to try their new version of Crème Brulee, Flambéed crème brûlée with vanilla! And boy, yes, it was flambéed! The flames were quite a sight. Both were delicious, or disneylicious as we say here.  After dinner we went to ride another ride, It’s A Small World!


There was a short line, but within 10 minutes we were seated in a boat, enjoying our voyage. Since we were seated towards the back I wasn’t getting in anyone’s view taking pictures. And I took a lot. Then we still had to use our Fastpass before it was time to leave. We went over to Frontierland again, got in a LONG line at the Fastpass entrance and enjoyed our last ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for this trip.We slowly strolled towards the exit, bought a few more small items on the way out, turned around at the end of Main Street and said goodbye to the castle.

We went through the village and back to the hotel New York. There is a gas station on property, so we filled up the car and headed for the airport. It is a 45 minute drive and was uneventful. We returned the rental car, checked in and went downstairs to use up the rest of our drinks and have a small snack before we left. We then went to our boarding gate.While waiting for the plane to leave I did some work for school and then we watched people going through the security screening.

You would think that with all the news media around everyone who travels by air would know by now that you are only allowed to bring small quantities of liquids. We were stunned to see so many people being stopped because they were carrying liquids!! We then got onto our plane to Munich. A one hour uneventful flight, but since Tom was still suffering his cold he was in real pain with the pressure in his ears. We had about 2 hours at the airport in Munich but they went by quickly as there are LOTS of shops to look around. The plane to Linz was on time and the flight is only 45 minutes. We arrived on time, picked up our luggage and went out to the parking lot to pick up the car. We arrived back home at 11.30pm after a fun filled long weekend at Disney.