Oct 31, 2007




A Halloween Party to catch!


Well our first day was finally here, but we both had to go to work for the first part of the day. Tom started his day early so he got a head start and was able to leave around noon. I started at 9 and left at noon.

While driving back to our house after work I stopped and picked up some snacks to have something to eat on the trip. Tom did not get off work right on time and got home late. We had lunch together, then got ready to go to the airport.
Thankfully I had checked us in the day before, since we were seriously late. We  needed to have our luggage checked in 30 minutes before departure so it was a very close call. We made it to the airport, parked the car and were happy to see there were only few people in line to check in the luggage.

There were 34 minutes left before the scheduled departure time. Well, scheduled departure time – our flight was delayed. It was only 20 minutes but it was a delay.

Having a stop over at Frankfurt airport is advenurous enough, one does not need to be in a hurry. Well, to cut a long story short, our plane left 25 minutes after its scheduled departure time and we were in Frankfurt after a 50 minute flight. We changed terminals and found our new gate right away. This plane was on time and we made it to Paris in time. While I waited and picked up the luggage, Tom went to pick up the rental car.

By then it was 6.45pm and the party was supposed to start at 8.30.

 Disneyland Paris is about 45 minutes from the airport and we needed to check into the hotel before we headed to the party. When I arrived they had already finalized the rental and we ready to go. We picked up the car, fixed our navigation device and off we went. We hit the motorway and the traffic jam.Travelling on the motorway was very slow and it took us more than an hour to reach our destination, Disneyland Resort Paris. Before we went to check in we went to the gas station to pick up a few drinks.
Then we headed for the front desk. We were assigned a nice room in building 48 on the European first floor, American second floor.
We put all our things in the room, had a sandwich, pulled out our Mickey pumpkin ears and took the resort bus to go to the main entrance. We arrived there at 8.45pm. Security was done in no time and even entering the park was easy. We were then told that we needed a wristband, which I lost twice within the first 5 minutes. We then figured out how to close it so it would stay on.

There were A LOT of people in the park. Wait times for the rides were long so we strolled the park and took in all the decorations. We went into Frontierland and there were fireeaters and other acrobats.
Since we wanted to see the show, the parade and the fireworks we decided to skip the rides at all and just walk around after we had watched the fireshow.
The castle looked amazing and Phantom Manor (the Haunted Mansion) looked spooky with all the different colours and in no time it was time for the parade. There is NO special parade for Halloween, but it was nice to see an extended version of the Fantillusion parade for a change.

We then explored Fantasyland and Discoveryland and tried to find a nice spot for the show in front of the castle. It was a nice show, but it was the same they did during the day.
We then explored Fantasyland and Discoveryland and tried to find a nice spot for the show in front of the castle. It was a nice show, but it was the same they did during the day.
We had about an hour until the fireworks, so we went to have a look at the shops on Main Street. Later we went around the castle to take some pix of the castle’s new „birthday celebration“ look. When we went back to Main Street to find a spot to watch the fireworks, the hub and Main Street were FULL of people!! It was amazing to see so many people waiting for the fireworks. The fireworks were nice but rather short and nothing like what we had seen in the US at the Pirate and Princess Parties.
It was way past midnight by then and the party was going on until 1.30am with a dance party, but we were too tired to stay any longer. So we headed towards the exit and then walked over to our resort, because lines for the buses were LOOONG!!

Actually we were both happy to be back in our hotel room since we were both so tired and Tom was battling his cold! Fun fact – when I took off my rings at night all three of them fell onto a sideboard. They ended up looking like a Hidden Mickey! We took that as a good sign and went to bed. There were four more days ahead of us!