May 27, 2007





Do we really have to return to the real world?


Since we had "thrown" everything into our suitcases the night before, all we had to do is have breakfast and load everything back into the car. Well, that is what we did. We had some Coke left so wrapped it in foil and put it into the car for consumption at a later time. We were out of our "villa" by nine and ready to head to the parks. But since we wanted to stay at the parks until the very last minute we drove over to the supermarket and bought sandwiches and chocolate bread for the flight home. We filled up the car with gas. Then it was time to hit the parks.We drove to the New York hotel and parked in our favorite spot, no 611!!

We strolled through the village and enjoyed it to be rather empty compared to later in the day and we strolled through the shops to take in all the new goodies that had arrived.

Right inside the gates there were long lines, so we headed to the far right and were the only people walking down there and to the side entrance of the park. No lines there!

We tried to get a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but they were for a time after we had to leave, so we gave it a miss and went over to the Indiana Jones Rollercoaster - big surprise - it was closed for refurbishment. So we strolled over towards the pirate ship and ride - should we ride pirates again? No, too long a line!

So we went into Fantasyland - Peter Pan had a LOOOOOOOONG line, thanks but no thanks, but Alice's curious labyrinth had just opened. We had not been in there in a long time, so that was it!! This is a real maze!! You walk in and there are paths leading in all directions and you have to find the RIGHT way.

There are all kinds of little gimmicks, like the queen of hearts jumping out of a hedge, card soldiers blocking the way and so on. A little path leads through the jumping fountains - like the ones in Epcot. We had SO much fun finding our way up to the castle.Then inside the castle there are fun mirrors and all kinds of fun things to do for kids.

Then inside the castle there are fun mirrors and all kinds of fun things to do for kids.We went up to admire the view. I haven't seen all of Fantasyland stretched out like that in a long time. We spent a lot of time in there and in no time it was time to leave the park for good.

We went past the Italian ice-cream shop, but the line was too long, so we thought we would give the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor (now serving Ben and Jerry's ice-cream) a try, but they were still closed - so no ice-cream this time (will have to wait for Mickey Bars in WDW!!!!!).

We paid a last visit to the boutiques in the Disneyland hotel and were on our way back to the car. Then we took the short way past the railway station, got into the car, one last look back and we were gone.

It is a 45 minute drive on the freeway and we have seen some big traffic jams, so we always leave a little early. We took the car back to the rental company, got all our bags on a trolley and got in line for check in. Once we had "waved" goodbye to the bags we went through security and to our gate.

 There we met a very nice lady from Pennsylvania, who we had a chat with. Before going through the last security checkpoint we sat down and had a sandwich and the coke which was actually still cold. Then we boarded the plane and had an uneventful flight to Frankfurt and another uneventful flight from Frankfurt to Linz. Our suitcases were there within minutes and we picked up the car and went back home.

On the way home we picked up 2 pizzas and had a nice dinner before heading home to my flat and getting ready for the next day at school.