August 10, 2018





Let the fun begin! - Part 1

Our bodies were still running on European time, so sleeping in was not an option.
By 7am we were up and ready to get out again.
Since we did not have any groceries in the room we just headed over to the Contempo Cafť for breakfast. Didnít take us long to decide on something, so we ordered, picked up our cups for our beverage and went to find a table. While we waited for our order to be filled we discussed on how to spend the day, but soon enough the



Grilled Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg, Ham and Three-Cheese Blend on Toasted Challah were served and we enjoyed our breakfast. Didnít take us long to discover that one order would have been more than enough, as the sandwiches were huge and we both didnít manage to eat more than half of it.
So after we were done we put the remainders on one plate, picked up a lid and walked back to our room, where we put it in the fridge.

There were Morning Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom, so we decided to just head on over.
It was a nice walk and we arrived around the time the general public was allowed to enter. We strolled down Main Street, but once we got to the ropes we were stuck. Took us a minute to figure out where to go to get past the ropes, but soon we were on our way further into the park.
There was a photopass photographer on the bridge to Liberty Square, so we stopped and had some photos taken.



We then walked along the path that leads up to the castle, stopped to watch some character interaction and then walked towards Fantasyland. We had some FastPasses for lateron in the day, so we just went to do whatever was available. We passed by Peter Pan as it already had a half hour wait and just crossed over to Itís A Small World and walked right on.


The cast members were joking around and it was the perfect start to our vacation.






When we got off, all guests were already allowed into all areas, so we just strolled along, walked past the Haunted Mansion and towards Big Thunder, but crowds were streaming over there, so we cut through to get towards Pirates of the Caribbean and found that there was no line at all at the Flying Carpets. So why not hop in line there and enjoy a spin. And that was what we did. We were the second group to enter and soon sat in our carpet, ready to soar.  






What a fun little ride.
When we got off, our FastPass for Pirates was open


and we entered through the FastPass line, but it would not have been necessary as there was not a long line anyway. Soon we sat in another boat and went off to sail through the pirate inhabited village.


Nice to sit in the air conditioning for a while, before we left and got right on the third boat ride of the morning, the Jungle Cruise.


We made it on the second boat out and had a super fun skipper, who really got into it and had a few new jokes that we had not heard before. He left us all in stitches.


But even this fun trip had to come to an end and we soon found ourselves getting off the boat.


Once on the walkway we noticed another photopass photographer with a fun prop in hand. A huge turkeyleg. Needless to say we needed another photo taken.



We now headed towards Main Street, to check out the shops and any new merchandise we might want to pick up during the trip. We spent quite some time in the shops just browsing, then headed over to the jewelers, as I had my heart set on the passholder Pandora bead. No luck, but we had a good look at what they had to offer, again, without buying anything.
It was hot and we were thirsty, so we stopped at Starbucks to get some drinks.
That is always a treat for us, as the closest Starbucks to where we live is 200 km away.
Tom got a


Mocha Frappuccino, while I had a Shaken Pineapple Black Tea Infusion.
Tom was very happy with his, but mine tasted quite a bit artificial and I knew it was a once and done experience.
But at least both drinks were cold and we were ready for more fun.
So off we went to one of our all time favourite rides, the People Mover. And a few minutes later we sat in our little car going on a ride around Futureworld. We both love this enjoyable little ride, but once we got off we had another place to get to, Belleís castle.


I had been super lucky and was able to push the reservation we had made weeks in advance one day forward.