Aug 22, 2008





More Fay …………….


We were up early today, had a snack breakfast again and were on our way over to the Disney Hollywood Studios. We arrived shortly after rope drop and went straight to get a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania. Although we were there about half an hour after the park opened Fastpasses were only available for after 12 noon!

So we had LOTS of time to kill. We decided to head over to Tower of Terror. The line was short, so it didn’t take too long to board our elevator. The ride was fun as always. We walked over to Rock’n’Rollercoaster and since this line was short too, we got in line and enjoyed the ride in the stretch limo. After riding both of our favourite rides we decided to walk around a bit and went over to New York Street. We could not believe it, but it was nearly empty, so we were able to take a few really nice photos. After we had had a good look around we went back to Hollywood Boulevard for another ride in our favourite elevator.

Another front row ride. Yippie! By then it was 11.30 and we decided to have some lunch. We had both only had a few cookies and were hungry. This time we tried the ABC Commissary. The restaurant was half empty and there was no line whatsoever to order your food. Tom ordered the Hamburger - with fries. I went for the Fried Fish - battered fried fish served with fries. Since we were on the dining plan we got dessert with it.

Tom chose the no sugar added Strawberry Parfait, while I had the Chocolate Mousse. Both were very nice.  After we had finished our lunch it was time to go and ride the new Toy Story Mania ride. The regular line said 90 minutes so we were happy we had our Fastpasses. Fastpass had a line as well, but we only waited for 15 minutes until it was our turn to ride. I don’t usually do well at games like this, but this was pure fun, even though my wrist hurt after all that “shooting”.

Since we didn’t want to get into the LONG line we decided to try that elevator one more time. It sure has trouble getting you to your desired floor, just keeps dropping. After that ride we decided to pick up a few more snacks from Goofy’s Candy Co before we headed back to the resort with our Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods.  We watched Fay’s progress, which wasn’t too much, she seemed to like the Orlando area as much as we did. Since it had started raining we had a good excuse for a break and some lazy time. By early evening we had to leave our comfortable room again to have dinner at the Restaurant Marrakesh. When we arrived at the park it was still pouring down, so we put on our yellow ponchos and marched over to the restaurant.

Once we had found the entrance to the restaurant we joined the crowd inside and took off our ponchos and went to sign in. Unfortunately the Castmember at the podium didn’t understand my English and I didn’t understand her. It took a while until we understood that we were to take a seat and wait. That’s what we did. After about 10 minutes we were shown to our table. The room itself was beautiful but the noise level was very high. We were taken to the higher seating level and sat down. While we were reading our menus I noticed that the table cloth was wet and tried to dry it with my napkin. That was when I realized that the table was situated under a dripping air condition. So we stopped a server and asked to be seated somewhere else. We moved one table forward to another wobbly table, but at least it was a dry one. The waiter brought over some bread and some butter and filled our glasses with water. We ordered Diet Cokes and our main courses.

Tom had the Mogador Fish Tagine - Marinated fish with olives, lemon confit, potatoes, green peppers and shermula sauce which tasted very nice and not very spicy. I had the Couscous - the national Moroccan dish - rolled semolina steamed and served with seasonal vegetables and beef. The food itself tasted quite nice, but it looked like someone had thrown the food onto the plate from a great height. Not very appetizing. In the meantime the entertainment had started and there was Moroccan music and a bellydancer. From our elevated seats we had a nice view. At the table next to us was a family with two boys. One of them was about 4 years old the other maybe 15 months. To keep the kids quiet dad showed the younger one how to draw on the tablecloth with crayons. He wasn’t very successful, since the kids still made a lot of noise. We were just stunned to see that once the food for the kids arrived the parents spooned the pasta onto the crayon scribble.

Just to see the mother hand the toddler a spoon which he used to “bang” onto the pasta so it splashed everywhere. The parents seemed to think it was really funny. We did NOT. By that time it was about time to order our desserts. Tom opted for the Bastilla - crispy leaves of pastry topped with vanilla cream and sprinkled with toasted almonds. It was quite a big dessert and tasted really nice.

I have to admit that my dessert the Moroccan Symphony - Assorted pastries was really good. Quite sweet, but disneylicious. We settled our bill and left shortly after we had finished our meal. The rain had stopped and we slowly went towards the exit and back to our car. We arrived back at the resort early and called it a night. Needless to stay that when we walked up the stair towards our room Froggie was out waiting for us again.