Aug 21, 2008






Is Fay ever going away?


We were able to start early today, having had an earlier night the day before. So after a snack breakfast we arrived at the Magic Kingdom around 10.30 and started out in Tomorrowland, riding the Peoplemover and Buzz Lightyear. We picked up a Fastpass for Space Mountain and slowly walked over to Fantasyland, where we didnít ride anything. We checked out a few of the shops, before we rode the Haunted Mansion and went over to the Liberty Tree Tavern. We were there about 5 minutes before they officially opened and were seated right away. We decided to share the Tavern Fried Cheese - with marinara sauce, which was very nice. My main course choice was the Salmon Club Sandwich - grilled salmon on toasted multi-grain with lemon-basil mayonnaise served with mixed greens salad.

Tom had the Tri-Corner Sandwich - roast beef and swiss cheese with Liberty Slaw, horseradish cream sauce and arugula served on herbed focaccia with tavern fries. A very generous portion indeed. After our lunch sandwiches we decided to skip dessert and share an Ice-cream Cookie Sandwich from the Main Street Bakery. Before we went there we picked up a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain and then slowly walked over to Main Street and the Main Street Bakery. We ordered one Ice-cream Cookie Sandwich! Thank god we did Ė it was HUGE and we could not finish it! After that we went back to Space Mountain, used our Fastpass and were only passing a few people. Fay had scared off people again. After that we visited the Shops in Tomorrowland before we went back to the hub and over to Adventureland. Pirates didnít have a long line, so we went in and rode it. As always, when it is available we used the left line Ė shorter walk, usually shorter line too.

And it did not disappoint at all! We got to ride in the last row and it was fun as always. By then it was already time for our Big Thunder Mountain Fastpass, so we walked towards it. We used our Fastpasses, but they would not have been necessary, the regular line was not much longer. We were offered front row Ė no thank you, could we ride in the back Ė yes, sure, just wait for the next train. Thatís what we did. We got on and never realized what the cheering on the other side was all about. We were to find out after our ride in the runaway mine train. Once the train pulled into the station, the CM opened the lapbars and announced that if we wanted to ride again, to just pull the lapbar tight again. NO ONE got off and we rode again, cheering as we left the station. Yip, thatís what all the cheering was about. Since we wanted to leave in a little while we decided to ride Splash Mountain as well.

  We were seated in the back row after just walking through the line, no wait at all. What a surprise, there were only a few drops that hit us, not even front row got drenched. After that we left the park and thought about going back to the resort. When we went towards the Monorail, the boat to the Polynesian was just loading people and in a spur of the moment decision we boarded the boat and went over to the Polynesian.

Just at that time the wind really picked up and the sky became rather grey. Once we were at the Polynesian we went back to our car and drove back to our resort. We just made it there when the storm started again. So, we stayed in our room for a while until the rain stopped again and we were able to go back to a park. The afternoon park was Disney Hollywood Studios and we arrived just in time for the new Block Party Bash.

We had seen this before in Disneyland and I have to admit, it didnít thrill me that much in Walt Disney World either. While people were watching the parade we slowly made our way over to RockíníRollercoaster and picked up a Fastpass, before we got in line for the Tower of Terror. It didnít take too long until we boarded our elevator and paid a visit to the Twilight Zone.

Our Fastpass wasnít up then, so we went over to watch Muppet 3-D and have a good look at all the shops there again. We went into the bookstore and had a good look around, before we noticed that one of the Castmembers had a name tag that stated her home town as Vienna, Austria! Now, that helped start a conversation. She pointed out some Hidden Mickeyís and we had a good time practicing HER German.

On the way over to Rock íní Rollercoaster we noticed that the line for the Great Movie ride was rather short, so we jumped in line and rode that too. Next stop RockíníRoller. Well, it was down and they didnít know for how long, so we just decided to go back to the resort and get changed for our reservation at The Wave. We had to hurry but we made it in time to the Contemporary, had the car valet parked (donít you just love the perk that comes with the Disney Dining Experience, now Tables in Wonderland?) and went over to the restaurant.

They had run out of beepers, so we were told to wait in the lounge and someone would come over and call us by our name Ė poor person, having to do that with a very German name! We sat in a blue lounge with blue lighting and a blue drinks menu, LOL! We had to wait for about 15 minutes until a Castmember came to show us to our table. It was a nice table towards the center of the room. Our server was very nice, handed us the menu and went to get our drinks.

When she brought out the drinks she also brought some bread and butter with salt sprinkled on it. It was very nice! We decided to share a starter, the Lettuce Wraps - sauteed lamb and bay scallops with soy-rice wine vinegar sauce. I had never tried anything like it before, they were messy to eat, but they were good!!! Very good! Tom had the Linguini - with Florida littleneck clams and rock shrimp with chunky tomato broth as his main course.

I had the Grilled Pork Tenderloin - with pineapple rice, wilted greens and black been sauce. Both dishes were very tasty and we enjoyed them very much. The Wave does dessert trios and we were anxious to try some.

had the Decadent Flavors - blueberry compote with yogurt gelato, lemon cornbread with vanilla panna cotta, chocolate mousse with salted caramel sauce and I decided to try the Creamy Indulgence - cheesecake with raspberry coulis, coconut panna cotta with passion fruit drizzle, chocolate passion fruit mousse with pecan-olive brittle. All 6 desserts were really wonderful. We wanted to have some coffee and tea with our desserts, so Tom ordered some Espresso, while I chose to give the Lavender infused Earl Grey tea a try.

I have to say this was the best tea I ever had. Excellent Earl Grey scent with just the perfect amount of Lavender scent. Very good tea!!! After this excellent dinner we picked up our car again and drove back to our resort to relax a bit. Needless to say that when we walked up the steps to our hotel room Froggie was sitting on the sign again, waiting to welcome us back!