Aug 23, 2010




Window shopping, a visit to Africa and off to Greece for dinner


We needed to sleep in this morning. The long hours in the park the day before had taken its toll. So at around 10am we got ready and headed over Downtown Disney.

We strolled through the stores for a while until Wolfgang Puck’s Express changed its menu to lunch. We were with the first people for lunch there and Tom ordered the Pennette Chicken Alfredo with peas, bacon and parmesan, while I tried the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with a side of mashed potatoes, port wine sauce and crispy onion rings. There was no question what we both wanted for dessert, the Crème Brulee. After filling up on those goodies we walked back to the car and went shopping for a few bits and pieces we still needed for our cruise. We drove to a huge Walmart where we picked up a few things, then while we were driving towards the International Drive, we passed a Dollar Tree and stopped to have a look. We could not believe what goodies were to be found there. Since we knew we had to take all our things with us on the cruise, we did not buy anything, but swore to be back before we were supposed to go back home again.

After our shopping spree we decided to drive over to the Animal Kingdom and fit in a ride or two. The parking lot was rather full, but we found a spot that was not too far from the tram stop and hopped on the tram. We walked towards the Tree of Life, cooled down while walking through the shops and discussed our options on what ride to get on.

The tip board said that the wait for Kilimanjaro Safari was not that bad, so we headed there. Even though it said 20 minutes it was more like 10 minutes and we got on the Safari Vehicle and headed off into Harambe. We were amazed at how many animals were out and about. The driver had to stop a few times to give the animals the right of way and we got some really good photos.

Since we had been so lucky on the Safari we decided that we might try and head over to Expedition Everest. We stopped for a photopass photographer and were surprised to really see that the line was only 20 minutes! We got in line and it DID take 20 minutes, but at least there was lots of time to really enjoy the exhibits.

We got on the ride, nearly met the Yeti and were back before we knew it. On the way back to the tree of life we stopped at Kali River Rapids to watch people on the rafts and to take a few more photos. We stopped by It’s Tough To Be A Bug, but we hit a line halfway into the outdoor queuing area and headed back. Another visit to the shops and then we headed for the exit. The tram was already waiting, so all we had to do was hop on and wait for the tram to leave.

We were at our car in no time, hopped in and drove back to Old Key West for a little rest. I did more packing while Tom was checking things out on the Internet! In no time it was time to get ready to head over to the Boardwalk for our reservation at Cat Cora’s Kouzzina! We walked over to the resort, strolled along the Boardwalk and went to sign in a little ahead of time.

They were running a little behind, so we were handed a buzzer and walked over to the candy store before venturing outside. There was a magician who performed with the help of a little guest and it was real good fun to watch. After about 10 minutes we were called back to the restaurant and led inside. We were seated at a four top and our server was quick to make an appearance and ask for drinks orders. We ordered our staple Diet Cokes and a Pitcher of Sangria.

Once our drinks had arrived we ordered our starter, the Crisp Calamari and Lemon, coated in Three Flours with Spicy Yogurt and Garlic Yogurt, which we shared. Shortly after we had finished the starter, our server brought some Bread and Butter with seasalt to nibble on until it was time for entrees. For my main course I ordered the Kouzzina Trio - tasting size portions of Pastitsio, Char-grilled Lamb Burger, and Cinnomon-stewed Chicken with Orzo. I loved the Pastitsio and the burger, but did not care too much about the chicken. Tom ordered the Traditional Whole Fish Pan-roasted - with Braised Greens, Greek Olives, Fennel, and Smoked Chili. It was a huge portion, but it tasted just so good! And ….. he finished it!

We also got a side of Sauteed Brussels Sprouts - with Capers and Lemon, which are so totally awesome. There was still dessert to conquer. I knew what I wanted, the Loukoumades - Freshly Made Greek Doughnuts drizzled with Warm Honey. I have had those before and they are just so very good, dipped into the raspberry sauce that comes with it. Tom had the Greek-style Yogurt Sorbet - with seasonal Fruit and Mint Syrup, which he enjoyed very much. Once we had stuffed ourselves silly we settled the bill with out Dining Plan Credits and left a nice tip for the server before we left the restaurant. We walked through the Boardwalk Stores and finally hit the Boardwalk Bakery to pick up small Mickey Head Cake for breakfast the next morning. By then it was time to head back to our resort.

We chilled in front of the TV for a while, had some adult beverages and discussed what we had already experienced so far. Around midnight we called it a day and finally went to bed.