The players



August 14 - Sept 12









Day 1, August 14

A huge surprise starts of the trip!


Day 2, August 15

  Enjoying the good life!


Day 3, August 16

Shop till you drop!

Day 4, August 17

The quest for water shoes

Day 5, August 18

Disney Water Parks and more ……….. Part 1

Day 6, August 19

Disney Water Parks and more ……….. Part 2

Day 7, August 20

Lots of food, Yuki and the Dismeet and Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom until 3am

Day 8, August 21

Bus roulette and a Disney Fairytale Wedding

Day 9, August 22

Seeing the parks through Walt’s eyes and another late night at the Magic Kingdom

Day 10, August 23

Window shopping, a visit to Africa and off to Greece for dinner

Day 11, August 24

A wet day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and a late night at Epcot

Day 12, August 25

Helping Kim Possible, packing and a farewell dinner with a view

Day 13, August 26

Going back to the WONDERful Disney WONDER and some WONDERful surprises

Day 14, August 27

Getting to see The Atlantis, Palo and Pirates IN the Caribbean …. arrrgghhhhhh

Day 15, August 28

Heaven, your name is Castaway Cay!

Day 16, August 29

Adventures Away, Part 2

Day 17, August 30

More Rum, more cake, more fun, more Palo


Day 18, September 31

The heaven that is called Castaway Cay and another attack of the Pirates IN the Caribbean

Day 19, September 1

Disney Dreams

Day 20, September 2

A sad Goodbye to the ever so WONDERful Disney WONDER and a happy Hello to the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan and Old Key West

Day 21, September 3

A little bit of Africa and Asia, with a taste of Greece and a visit to Spaceship Earth

Day 22, September 4

A happy reunion!

Day 23, September 5

Shopping, reservation changes and Extra Magic Hours

Day 24, September 6

A washed out visit to Universal

Day 25, September 7

A royal invitation for dinner

Day 26, September 8

Rides galore, a parade and a final visit to the Animal Kingdom

Day 27, September 9

A look “Behind the Seeds” and waving goodbye to the Disney Wonder

Day 28, September 10

And where the heck is the Magic Kingdom?

Day 29, September 11

See ya again real soon!

Day 30, September 12

Back to reality!