Aug 19, 2010




Disney Water Parks and more ……….. Part 2


The day started just like the day before. We both were up early, had some breakfast out of the fridge and left for Blizzard Beach about 20 minutes to eight.

When we arrived we still found a parking spot in the front row and there was already quite a line. We joined the line, got our wristbands and at 8am sharp the line started to move. We went with the flow, found the shops and rented a locker. Once everything was stowed in the locker we went to check out a spot where we could leave our towels and explore the park. We found some deck chairs right by Meltdown Bay. So, after putting the towels onto the chairs we walked into the Bay and had some fun.

When we had enough of that we walked to the Cross Country Creek for a peaceful float around the park on a tube. We did a little more than one round and then went back to our chairs for a little rest. Once the regular guests were allowed in we started to check out the rest of the park and walked around for about half an hour. Summit Plummet didn’t call me, but we wanted to try the family rafts so we got in line for the chairlift. To our dismay the lines were long and they even filled the empty seats with single riders. So we were squeezed into the chairlift with another guest and went up the mountain. Once we were off we discovered that there need to be at least four for the raft ride. So we settled on doing the slides to the side of Summit Plummet. While getting in line we started talking about Summit Plummet again.

And after being reluctant to it, looking at the small kids getting in line we thought that if THEY could do it, so could we. So we changed lines to climb to the top and dare the fall. I was first to go doooooooown! I was trying to concentrate on the view, but a moment after you start sliding you go into that tunnel and then it’s all over in a flash.

But I was happy I did it! I watched Tom getting into position and then sliding down, we picked up our photopass card and off we went. After our big fall we went back to our lounge chairs and chilled for a while. We got into Meltdown Bay for a while and then it was time for lunch. After we had dried off a bit we headed over to Lottawatta Lodge. We took quite a few photos on the way there before we actually got in line. The line moved pretty slow, but not as slow as the one the day before.

Tom ordered the Bacon Double Cheeseburger with french fries, while I had the Chicken Breast Nuggets with french fries. We both had a Diet Coke. Tom had another Fruit cup for dessert, while for some reason I felt like trying the Cheesecake. After we had finished our meals we walked around for a bit more and by that time the park had gotten really crowded, so we decided to just call it a day and leave. Once we were back at the villa we decided that since it was a nice afternoon why not go to Downtown Disney by boat. So we walked to the Hospitality House and since there was no sign of a boat we asked at check-in if we could upgrade our tickets with a non expiration option.

The concierge told us that only guest services could do that, so we decided to have it done at Downtown Disney. When we walked outside the boat was just coming in and after having docked and people getting off it was our time to board the boat. We had a leisurely 20 minute ride down to Pleasure Island where the boat landing for Old Key West is. We got off and slowly walked towards the Marketplace, having a look at some of the shops on the way down.

We hadn’t been in the Lego Store in a long time, so we walked through and were amazed on the array of different things to build they had to offer. We finally made it to the World of Disney. There had been a few more things we had wanted to pick up and now was the time to do so. One of the things I had been thinking about was a Dooney and Bourke handbag, which had caught my eye right from the start.

We did buy it in the end. Getting a 10% AP discount helped the decision a lot. Once we had spent a little more money than we had intended to we walked over to Guest Services to get that non expiration option for our tickets. No guests in front of us, so that meant no wait. There were two Cast Members and they both tried to upgrade, take the tickets off, put them back on and after some time playing with them finally decided there was no way to separate the tickets from the Key To The World. So they just upgraded the tickets. By then we were both happy to be out of there.

We both got a chocolate sample from Ghirardelli’s before we wanted to head back. When we passed the stage we saw that there was a performance going on, so we stayed for a while and watched these young people perform in the blazing afternoon sun. After a while it was time for us to leave and head back to the boat. We had to wait for the boat for about 15 minutes but it turned out we were heading back on the same boat we had come in on.

Plus, as an added bonus we had the boat to ourselves. We really enjoyed our private boat ride back to Old Key West. Once we had arrived we immediately went to the General Store to get “something” for a snack credit, to find out if our dining credits still worked. We picked up a little container of Mickey Puffy Cheese Crackers and were happy to see that the credits still worked. So we walked back to our villa, put on our swimsuits and walked over to the pool for a quick dip. The pool was nearly empty and we enjoyed some time having it to ourselves and some time in the hot tub before we hurried back to the room to get changed and head over to Epcot for our reservation at LeCellier. Since we were late already we dropped the idea of asking for our favourite server, Brandan. We signed in, were handed a buzzer and told to have a seat, as we had to wait.

Well, there were no empty seats so we leaned against the wall when after about 5 minutes our buzzer went off. We could not believe it, but our table was ready. This very nice Canadian girl took us to our table, handed us our menus and told us that our server today would be ……. Brandan. Yeah, now that is what we call pixie dust! Soon after that Brandan greeted us he asked if we had been at LeCellier before and we told him yes and that he was our favourite server. He promised to do his best so we would have another wonderful visit to LeCellier. We ordered our usual Diet Cokes and Tom decided to have a glass of Moosehead beer as well. When Brandan found out that we liked the Pretzel bread best he promised to bring us plenty. Well, for the two of us he brought us one multigrain breadstick, one wheat breadstick and two Pretzel Breadsticks. He also put some butter on the table and told us that the pretzel bread was best dipped in their cheese soup, so he put a small cup of it on the table too.

For our main courses Tom ordered the Veal T-Bone - with black bread "Panzanella" salad and Banyuls vinaigrette, which he enjoyed very much and there was no doubt what I would order, the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon - with wild mushroom risotto, white truffle and herb butter sauce. Both dishes were so good we both cleaned our plates. There was still dessert to conquer and Tom ordered the lighter variety. He had the Seasonal Sorbet, which was Orange and Lime and was very light and refreshing. I ordered what I had had the last time, the Le Cellier Mount Blanc Semifreddo - with chilled fruit syrup. While it was still very nice I did not like the fruit coulis it came with. It was far too sweet for the sweet dessert. Once we had settled our bill and said our goodbyes to Brandan we left and leaving the restaurant the heat hit us.

It was still very hot and we were really tired, so instead of staying for Illuminations we decided to just head back to our villa. We made it in time to settle on the balcony and watch Illuminations from there. We finished the evening with a little TV and some adult beverages.