Sept 11, 2010




See ya again real soon!


We didn’t get up as early as we had thought we would and by the time we should have been at our breakfast ADR we were still trying to fit all our belongings into our luggage. Once we had realized we would not be able to make it in time we had then slowed down and decided to be out of the villa at around 11. We packed, checked everywhere for forgotten things again and then headed out the door shortly before 11am. I called Mary Ellen and Joe once we were in the car and they were on their way to the Magic Kingdom so we all decided to have lunch their together. Once we had arrived we met up with them and we headed over to Columbia Harbour House. They were pretty packed and Cast Members were pointing guests towards the lines, which moved pretty fast.

Luckily we found one pretty easily and started to enjoy our food. Joe had the Fried Fish Basket served with French Fries. Mary Ellen had the Fried Shrimp Basket served with Coleslaw and French Fries as well. Tom and I shared another Fried Shrimp Basket served with Coleslaw and French Fries. There was a generous amount of shrimp, fried to a golden crisp and they were really good. The other dish we shared was the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich - white tuna with lettuce and tomato on toasted multigrain bun plus it came with a Bag of Chips. We all chose the Apple Crisp as our dessert and while it is pretty nice I still wish they would serve it warm.

After lunch we got in line for one more ride in the Haunted Mansion’s Doom Buggies, before we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean and a final ride on the Peoplemover. We still had a some time left and instead of getting on another ride we decided to pick up another drink and chat for a while before going home. So we picked up another Raspberry Lemonade Slush and some Diet Coke and sat at the back of Cosmic Ray’s again, where there was lots of free tables.

Time just flew by and all too soon it was time to say our final goodbyes to Mary Ellen and Joe. Tom and I headed to the front of the park and over to our car and off we went to our ceremonial last lunch at Walt Disney World, which we always have at Wolfgang Puck’s Express. We were truly lucky to find a parking space really close to the restaurant and headed over. None of our favourite cast members there were working, but we had said our goodbyes before and so we just ordered, picked up our drinks and found a table. . It did not take long for our food to be delivered. Tom ordered the Barbecued Chicken Pizza - grilled red onion, cilantro and smokey barbecue sauce and I wanted to try something new for us, the Traditional Margherita Pizza - with torn basil.

A very basic, cheese, tomato and basil pizza, but it was really good. Needless to say we could not leave without dessert, so I went with my all time favourite, the Crème Brulee and Tom ordered the Frozen Vanilla Yogurt topped with Strawberries. Unfortunately once we had finished our meal there wasn’t much time left and so we went to the car and got out the bag with the change of clothes, then went to the restrooms to get changed.

The shorts went into the packed luggage and off we went. The drive to the airport was uneventful and all too soon we had to say goodbye to our wonderful Camaro.

All our stuff was packed onto a cart and then we joined the line for check in. Amazingly enough the line moved pretty quickly and we had soon handed over our luggage and were free to look around the airport. We browsed the shops and still had plenty of time to spare, so when we saw a Krispy Kreme store we just could not resist and walked over to place an order. Tom got some flavoured coffee, which he deemed undrinkable and he was right - that stuff was not good!

And our order of Doughnuts was equally horrible. They were hard and tasted like they had been lying around there for days. Two bites later they met their fate in the bin. There was nothing left to do for us, so we queued up for security and walked into the departure area.

We browsed a little more and then found a seat to wait for our flight to be called. Since there was wireless internet available we checked our mail and then it was time to get on board. It took some time until we left with a little delay, but once we had reached cruising altitude we were handed some Snacks and drinks. Everyone was handed a small bag of crackers and Tom wanted some Diet Coke and I had some water. We watched TV until dinner was served about two hours into the flight. The plate looked nice, there was a small Salad with some Caesar dressing and our main course was Pasta with 2 sauces. One was a creamy, cheesy mushroom sauce and the other a sun dried tomato pesto. As always the pasta was a bit overcooked and the sauces were a little bland, but we were not really hungry anyway. For dessert we had a Tiramisu like cake, which was nice, with a strong coffee flavour. After the trays were cleared we both took some sleeping aid pills and went off to dream about our Walt Disney World vacation.