Sept 12, 2010




Back to reality!


We slept quite well for a few hours and woke up shortly before breakfast was served. There was just time to freshen up a bit and then we were already handed our breakfast trays. First off we had a small Bowl of cold fruit. Tom got my melon bits and I got his grapes. Everyone got an anaemic looking Roll, which was cold and stale. I kept it on the hot breakfast container toasting it a bit while I was eating my fruit. There was some butter and grape jelly to go with the roll as well. Then it was time to open the container of warm food. It contained an under seasoned Omelette, some tasteless limp breakfast potatoes and some diced green peppers, mixed with diced onions and tomatoes. You could tell this was no longer Disney food! But everyone was hungry after six hours of flight and still two hours to go, so most of the food was consumed. Time really drags on, on the flight home, but we finally made it to Frankfurt airport.

We got off the plane, went through passport check and on to the gate for next short flight. There is not much you can do in the gate area, so we just sat there, trying to stay away, which was hard after only 3 4 hours sleep and now a delayed flight. But finally we were ready to go down to the bus which took us to the planes parking area. We found our seats and while we still waited for some late passengers to get on already drifted off to sleep.

We woke up when the plane moved and soon we were on the runway and took off. Thankfully this is only a 50 minute flight and since they serve drinks and snacks the flight attendants were quick at hand and we were served some drinks and some little Vanilla and chocolate snack cakes. Soon after we had finished our snack it was announced that we were soon landing in Linz.

The airport here is pretty small, so we just walked over to the arrivals hall, picked up our luggage and walked out to the taxi stand. There were no taxis so Tom called one and we were soon on our way back home. Well, and that is actually the end of our summer vacation 2010. We were back to reality!