Sept 9, 2010




A look “Behind the Seeds” and waving goodbye to the Disney Wonder


Another day we got up early and headed out to the parks. This time Epcot was our park of the day. We arrived there shortly after rope drop and headed right over to Soarin. No one at the last three fast pass machines so we picked one up right away and got in line as the wait time was only 5 minutes.

Within 20 minutes we were back and able to sign up for the “Behind the seeds” tour which was starting at 11am. Since we had only had a snack for breakfast it was now time for some real breakfast, so we stopped at Sunshine Seasons. We both ordered the Adult Breakfast platter - Bacon, Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, French Toast and a biscuit. While they really mean well, the food is usually cold or at best lukewarm when you are finally at the table. This was no exception.

While it was tasting quite nice it was rather cold and we both did not finish our plates. When we had finished breakfast it was time for our first fass pass. And before we went on the ride, we picked up another one. Actually it was not worth using the fast pass, as there were only about 15 people in the regular line. Again we asked for the highest row and were granted it. 

There was still a little time left, so we just sat and waited for the tour to start. While we waited the group formed and there were quite a few people in our group. A short time later our guide came and introduced himself. We were then taken backstage and the guide explained how the operations work backstage and what they are trying to achieve. And then we were off into the greenhouses. For the first part we were hugely out of sight of the touring boats that go through the greenhouse.

We were all offered a slice of cucumber to taste some that were grown in one of their new methods. Tasted fine to us. Then we really went onstage and were part of the show. So our guide “told us” to smile and wave at the boats and “look interested”. We all had a good laugh and followed him through the greenhouse where he explained even more of their new experimental methods of growing things.

He pointed out the planted hidden Mickey inside the lettuce and explained that there were several more around the place. The next one he pointed out to us was in the langoustine tank and they even “have to” roll up water hoses in a Mickey shape. Far too soon our one hour tour was over and we all thanked the cast member and went our merry ways.

We didn't have to walk far as we were right where we wanted to be, at the entrance to Soarin, which we still had a fast pass to. We got in line and this time it paid off a bit more as there were actually some people in the regular line. We had to wait for about 15 minutes before boarding the ride and this time we didn’t even have to ask for highest row, as we were assigned that anyway.

It was another fun ride and when we got off we knew it was time to head over to World Showcase for our lunch reservation. We were supposed to have lunch at Tutto Italia, but we just didn’t feel like Tutto, we really wanted to go back to Via Napoli. So we walked in to Via Napoli first and asked about availability. Sure we could be seated. So we quickly walked over to Tutto and cancelled my reservation and was back to Via Napoli before we were called.

We were seated at a two top towards the middle of the restaurant and had a fun little chat with the castmember once he found out that we came from an actual neighbouring country of Italy. We both ordered a Diet Coke and an Aqua Fresca. I had a Strawberry Aqua Fresca and Tom tried the Lemon Aqua Fresca. We placed our orders and soon after our starters arrived. Tom tried the Calamari Fritti, corn-crusted rings served with spicy tomato sauce, while I had the Minestrone Soup, vegetable & cannelini bean soup with basil pesto.

Both helpings were pretty big and we were nearly full on the appetizers. Next up were the main courses. Tom had the Quattro Stagioni - eggplant, artichokes, prosciutto, mushrooms, which he enjoyed very much. I felt like having cheese, lots of cheese, so I ordered the Quattro Formaggi - mozzarella, parmesan, fontina, provolone, which had lots of ooey gooey yummy cheese, but filled you up rather quickly. We were thinking about skipping desserts but then gave in. Tom ordered the Torta di "Mamma Rosaria" - apple cake with almond sorbetto, which was not your typical apple cake. There was a nice and crisp pastry, lots of yummy spiced apples and it went perfectly well with the sorbet! My choice were the Zeppole di Ricotta - Ricotta cheese fritters, served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. We both were not able to finish our desserts but really enjoyed what we were able to fit in.

After we had stuffed ourselves silly we slowly walked over to the friendship dock and crossed the lagoon, then we walked to our car and drove back to Old Key West. Again, I did some laundry and packed things we no longer needed and spent a little time on the internet. By 3.30 we heading out again, this time we had a longer drive ahead of us. We wanted to go to Port Canaveral to wave goodbye to the Disney Wonder.

The drive takes a little over an hour and we made it to Jetty Park in plenty of time. First the Carnival ship sailed out and then it was time to say goodbye to the Wonder. We had brought white Mickey gloves to wave to the people on the ship and by that time we put them on and got quite a few cheers from the guests on the ship.We waited until the ship was far out at sea before we walked back to the car. Since we were real thirsty and the little shop at Jetty Park was closed we drove into Cape Canaveral to find something to drink. We ended up at a large Publix, where we decided to cancel our ADR for that night as we were not able to make it in time anyway and picked  up a few snack things for the night together with the drinks we so needed. We then got back into the car and enjoyed the ride back home, where we relaxed and watched some TV. Around 9pm we felt like we could use some dinner.

Since we were on vacation we decided on having dessert first. So we got into the car and drove over to Krispy Kreme, where we were happy to see the Hot Now sign on. We again got two dozen glazed doughnuts, one for us and one for the guards and a Chocolate Milk and some Diet Coke to enjoy with our Doughnuts. Once we had had our dessert we then drove over to Downtown Disney to pick up some food from Wolfgang Puck’s Express.

We got a Pesto Chicken Salad with lots of romaine and plum tomatoes and a Rotisserie Turkey Club - avocado, bacon, red onion, plum tomatoes, romaine and remoulade. There was still some romaine in the fridge, so we made some Caesar Salad to go with it.We were more than stuffed after we had finished our VERY late dinner. We sat for a quite some time and watched TV until we finally went to bed.