August 3, 2016




Let's get this show on the road .........


Day 1, August 03

Here we go again! - Part 1

Day one of this summer trip started like any other.

We ended up frantically finishing cleaning everything around  the house, as everything on our list the day before had taken a little longer than we had anticipated and we were a bit behind. So around midnight we finally fell into bed with the alarm set for 6.30 to be able to have breakfast and clean up afterwards. 
So, at 6am I woke up remembering that I still needed to print out some things. And after doing so it actually was 6.35 and time to get up anyway. We had breakfast with soft boilded eggs to finish those off and freshly baked rolls. After that it was time for the usual repacking and then headed for the shower. While Tom took his I called for a taxi and then finally at 9am we hauled our luggage down to garden gate, 


locked up behind us and waited for the taxi. It was supposed to arrive at 9.15 and we waited and waited some more. At 9.25 I called them again and they told me that a taxi had waited outside for four minutes and then left again.

When were we supposed to be outside if I booked it for 9.15 and we had been in and out from at least 9am on.
Guess the lady on the phone then realized that something was not working out,  apologized and told us that another one would be around in about 5 minutes. At 9.35 a taxi finally pulled up and just a minute or two later we sat in the taxi and were driving towards the airport. Thankfully traffic was light and half an hour later we pulled up in front of the airport.
We had checked in online and downloaded the ticket, so all we had to do was checking in the luggage. A few minutes later we found ourselves walking through security and then through the duty free shop. Nothing really to buy there, so we found seats, checked our phones and waited for the flight to leave.
Our airport is tiny and the plane was waiting right in front of the gate,


so we finally just walked over, found our seats and settled in.  We rolled out on time


and were up and leaving our little world behind a few minutes later.


Once we had reached cruising altitude we were quickly handed a snack,


Walker shortbread biscuits, and some drinks. We both opted for water and nibbled our biscuits and before we knew it the plane was descending again



and we arrived in Frankfurt. There was a bus picking us up from the plane and since the plane had not been half full, there was plenty of room to stand. Once in the terminal we needed to look for a special gate.
You see, Tom has taken up geocaching when he started his road to retirement and there was a cache to be found.
We had about an hour and a half, so off we went. As we had feared the gate we needed to go to for his mission was at the other end of the airport, but it was good exercise and he was successful.
Mission accomplished we headed back to the area we needed to get too, went through passport control and then over to the gate where we had to wait for quite some time before we were allowed to board.


We were delayed already while there were still people boarding but we still left only about half an hour late. And while waiting we were served some really delicious


guava and orange juice. Soon after we were finally on our way. It took about 20 minutes until we had reached cruising altitude again and the flight attendants were handing out snacks,


little pretzel clouds and airplane crackers. Drinks were served with it and Tom had a


beer, while I stuck with Coke. We sat and chatted for a while, then started the onboard entertainment.