August 3, 2016





Here we go again! - Part 2

There was not much that really interested me, so I went with a rerun of season 6 of Downton Abbey.


About 10 minutes into the first episode they were handing out hot-cold towels and soon after lunch was served. We both opted for the same main and were handed our trays.
Both of us ordered white wine to go with lunch. And then it was time to dig in.


We started with a


Seasonal Salad with Cherry Tomato accompanied by


Italian Dressing, which was very nice and refreshing. Main course was a


Roasted Chicken Breast  on Cream Sauce served with Leaf Spinach in Garlic Cream and fried Potatoes. It was surprisingly tasty, even though the chicken was rather dry, but if eaten with the creamed spinach it was pretty good. There was a nice warm


roll with butter and young


Camembert and for dessert there was a


 Crumbly Apple Cake. Once lunch was over


and after dinner spirits were served there were customs declarations to be filled out and then I went to work on the trip report. And low and behold I was able to write quite a bit before Tom tempted me with watching a bit of Gordon Ramsay.


Hours tricked by




and then it was time for dinner. It is always a good time when on board dinner rolls around as it means we are close to our destination.
Flight attendants started handing out hot and cold cloth towels and then they came through with their carts serving dinner.


We both decided on the same dish,


Grilled Chicken Breast with Barbecue Sauce accompanied by Pumpkin Stew and Corn Mash. It was served with a warm crusty


dinner roll and some butter and for dessert we were served


Fruit Salad with dried Lingonberries. We both had some Coke with it and we were so impressed by the food that I even forgot to take a photo before we started to dig in.