August 4, 2016




Day 2, August 04

An early morning and an early night - Part 1

Even though we had only gone to bed past midnight, our inner clock woke us up early.
So by 6.30 we were wide awake.
We stayed in bed for a little longer watching a little TV, before Tom got up and got some coffee on. We still had the cake,


which we had not cut the day before and it made for a perfect breakfast treat.



We then got ready to head out, trying to make rope drop at the Magic Kingdom, but failed, we only made it to the entrance by 9.15.




No problem in being late, but I did have a problem.
A few days before we had left on the trip I had purchased 2 pairs of new shoes, sandals being one pair and a pair of sneakers being the other. I had a similar pair at home and they were like walking on clouds, soft and you never felt anything. These sneakers had the same feeling when I tried them on in the shop. Now that I had walked the short walk from Bay Lake Tower to the Magic Kingdom I could feel that I had blisters on both heels. So, what to do? Well, I remembered that there was a first aid station right past Casey’s, so that was where we were headed. In we went and within a few seconds a very nice cast member handed me several bandaids and we sat down on the sofa and I put on the bandaids. Carefully back into the shoes, tried a step or two, no problem and off we went. 
Outside we enjoyed the view of the castle with the clear blue sky beneath it and I reached into my small camera pocket for my camera.
Yikes, I had had it in my hand when we had gone into the first aid station.
Now Tom was heading back, hoping it would still be there. And it was, still sitting on the sofa where I had put on the bandaids. Camera in hand we walked over to the Jungle Cruise,


thinking that we might be able to get on with just a short wait, since we had missed it the day before. The park was still “empty” and indeed we walked up to the ride and there were just a few people in line and we walked onto the ride.


The skipper was a hoot


and even though we had heard the spiel quite often he had us all in stitches.



Being such a short time after the horrible incident with the little boy at the Grand Floridian, the skipper very well maneuvered around the crocodiles by pulling everyone’s attention to the other side. Soon it was time to get off again


and we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean.



Just a five minute wait, so got in line and again just walked onto the ride, or right up to the gates. There we stood for quite a while while boats went through without people in it. And after a few minutes of waiting quite the line had formed and we were finally allowed to get into a boat and get on our way.


Once we got off the ride we took a restroom break and then slowly strolled over to the Haunted Mansion.


Again we got in line and even though there was a short walk we were inside the first room within a few minutes. Surprise, surprise once we left the stretching room there was quite the line, as they sent off every other doom buggy empty. But finally they started filling them all and we were swept forward and boarded our ride. Once we got off we were greeted by a Florida grey sky and decided that since we only had had a small slice of cake for breakfast it would be the perfect time to have some lunch.
So we started walking over to Columbia Harbour House, were handed a menu at the entrance and got in line. And soon we had our tray in hand and were heading upstairs to find a window table.