August 4, 2016




Day 2, August 04

An early morning and an early night - Part 2

There were several available and when we sat down we were surprised to see that it had started to rain.



Well, not quite rain, it was pouring down.
So we took our sweet time to enjoy our lunch. We had ordered a cup of


New England Clam Chowder and the


Battered Fish Plate served with coleslaw and french fries. And after we had eaten we checked our messages and posted some photos until the rain had subsided.
We headed out again into the sunshine and walked right onto our first FP+ of the day, Peter Panís Flight.
The regular line was pretty long and so was the FP line, but it moved quickly and we were soon flying over London. When we got off it was already time to head over to the next FP of the day, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Again, we were so lucky to be in the FP line as the regular line was over an hour long.





Tom asked for last row again and we were granted our wish and soon found ourselves laughing as we rode that fun runaway mine train.
We still had quite some time left until our next ride, so we started strolling towards Pecos Bill, but then decided to head up to the train as it was just rolling in.


I didnít think we would make it on that train, but we did and with a little time to spare, but soon we were on our way to Fantasyland.


When we got off we strolled through the Big Tent, watched people ride Dumbo and then finally walked over to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


We really enjoyed the convenience of the FP, and again were on the ride within just a few minutes. Once we got off the ride we decided to leave the park for now. But not without a ride on our favourite ride, the People Mover. And this time it was up and running and we enjoyed our trip around Tomorrowland.


After that we returned to our room, relaxed for some time and then went to our car to go and do some shopping.


First off we went to Walgreens for some medications we needed and our next stop was Publix. We stocked up on beers and soft drinks and some staple food items and a few things we still needed for the fish extender on the cruise. While we were inside Publix the skies had turned grey again and we headed straight back to our resort after finishing our shopping.



Luckily we made it to our room without getting wet. We were both pretty tired, so after putting away our groceries we took a short nap. When we got up again we could see that it had been raining again and by now it was time for dinner. We put our groceries out on the table, made some salad and had some sandwiches.


We even shared a small slice of cake for dessert. Tired as we were we thought about ditching the FP that we had been able to score earlier that day, a FP for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. But then we knew that we wanted to ride it again, so we got dressed, put on our Magic Bands and this time without any bags headed over to the Magic Kingdom. We walked right over to Big Thunder Mountain, passed all the people in the standby line, got on and had a blast while riding this fun ride. 
Once we got off, we strolled right towards the exit again, waved goodbye to the castle for the day and went right back to our hotel room. We were both dead tired and decided that it was time to catch up on much needed sleep, especially since the next day we wanted to be at the Magic Kingdom for Morning Extra Magic Hours and lateron meet with our friend Michelle, her daughter Angelina and Hannah, Michelleís sonís girlfriend.