August 5, 2016




Day 3, August 05

So good to see you again! - Part 1

Thanks to an early night we were up early again, and today we really wanted to be early.
There were Morning Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom and we had planned on going through the regular line of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. So, once we were up and showered, we fixed some sandwiches with stuff out of the fridge



and some fruit



we had bought the day before. Bellies filled we tidied up the room and then grabbed our bags and were out the door.
We did not quite make it to rope drop, but we got to security check when the masses started to move into the park. Security had quite the line and it took us a few minutes to go through, then we were sent to the opposite end to get to the touchports to enter the park. Once inside we walked straight to Fantasyland and to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The sign said 10 minute wait and that was perfectly fine with us. We walked through the part that snakes all around the outside



and once we got closer to the actual building the line slowed down a bit. And we were glad it did, so we could look at the fun games installed in the line. While moving forward slowly we matched gems and spun the barrels

















and soon found ourselves being directed to a row to board the train. By quarter to nine we got off and walked towards Peter Pan, but the line was already pretty long. So we walked past Itís a Small World and towards Liberty Square. By then the park started to fill up, so we checked wait times for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and it was only 5 minutes so we jumped right in line


and after that off to Pirates we went. We took a quick restroom break and jumped into the five minute line. It did not even take five minutes and we sat in our boat going on our little cruise. Once we got off we had a text from Michelle, that she, her daughter Angelina and her sonís girlfriend, Hannah, were on their way and arriving at the Magic Kingdom parking lot shortly. Keeping that in mind, we decided to fit in one round on the Peoplemover, before heading to the entrance. Once we got off we went towards the exit, battling the crowds that were moving up Main Street. To get out of the way we walked through the shops and found ourselves at Starbucks. A big board with some specials caught our eye and we decided that we needed something to drink. Tom got the 


Iced Caramel Macchiato, while I went with the Iced Black Tea Lemonade.