August 6, 2015




Day 4, August 06

Two for the price of one! - Part 1

Our first moving day had dawned.
 Again, we were up early, still not having quite adapted to the time change. So, after taking showers, we brewed some coffee and finished the leftovers in the fridge and shared the rest of Tomís cake, before packing up the last few items and then called bell services. It did not take long at all and all our luggage was tagged and on its way to the Yacht Club. 
We took our carry-ons with us to the car and put them in the trunk on our way to the Magic Kingdom.
We arrived at the Security checkpoint shortly after 9am and joined the long line. About 10 minutes later we went through the scanners and then scanned our Magicbands and headed into the park.


It was a picture perfect morning with the train in the station when we entered and a beautiful blue sky above. Another wonderful day at Disney.



We slowly strolled up Main Street,


peeked into a shop or two and finally walked up and around the castle right into Fantasyland.






We still had a few minutes to kill so we stopped and watched people trying to retrieve the Sword in the Stone. The actors were out and finally a little girl was selected to try to pull the sword from the stone.




It was a really cute scene and the little girl was pretty surprised when she was the one to pull out the sword.
We all clapped and bowed to the little girl before heading over to Peter Panís Flight, which had a line that started even before the scanners.
But it moved quickly and soon we were flying over London and on to Neverland.


After the ride we did not have to walk far for our next ride, just across the street we literally walked onto Itís a Small World.












Once we got off the ride our next FP was just kicking in and we walked right over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and hopped on the next train out.


Needless to say we had a great time, and far too soon we had to get off again.
We had plenty of time before our next FP ride, so we walked towards Tomorrowland and since The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh only had a 10 minute wait, we got in line and rode that ride as well.