August 7, 2016




Day 5, August 07

Even Sundays are busy at Disney - Part 2

When we arrived there we went right back to our room, got changed and then went out on the balcony with a drink to chill for a while.
We didnít stay out there long though, as it soon started to rain. So we just lay on the beds, watching a little more TV. Soon the sun was out again and around 5pm we walked over to the International Gateway, went through security and scanned our bands and we were back at Epcot. I had made a few late FP+ and we did not want to miss them, but we still had a little time, so we decided to walk around World Showcase. So after entering the park we turned right and headed over to France.



We walked through the stores and then decided to have a look how long it would take until the French movie was about to begin. Well, it was only 5 minutes, so we stayed and waited. We found seats towards the back and watched the little movie and enjoyed the air conditioning. Once the movie was over we walked further on towards Morocco and Japan




and then on to Germany, where, as always, we checked prices on some of the articles that were sold there



and were shocked at the price of a bar of chocolate, which is sold for under a Euro here and was priced 5.95$!!


After that initial shock we moved further on to Norway



where we were shocked to see how long the line for the new Frozen ride was. No way would we hop into that line. We finished our round and went towards Spaceship Earth, which was our first ride at Epcot that day. This time we made sure Tom had enough space for his knee and leaned back and enjoyed the ride.



After getting off the ride we walked over to Starbucks and got some drinks. Tom opted for the Java Chip Frappuccino, while I ordered my trusted Iced Black Tea Lemonade.


We found a table outside and sat down there and discussed our trip so far and were dreaming about the things that were still to come. Once we had finished our drinks, we slowly walked over to Mission Space and were stopped after a few steps by some cast members who drew Disney characters onto the ground with their brooms.




That was so much fun to watch and we stood and waited until the characters were done completely before we made our way over to Mission Space. We scanned our Magicbands and walked right onto the ride. And it did not take long and we were already back from our mission. By then we had found out that your names are announced on the screens at the wall at the Advanced Training Lab and we hotfooted it there, and low and behold we caught both of our names being posted.



We had one more FP+, so we walked over to the Land. Again we had a little time before our FP opened, so we decided to take a little break and have a snack at Sunshine Seasons. Tom got himself a liquid snack, a


Yuengling, while I picked up a bottle of water and a


Carrot Cake cupcake. We found a table towards the back of the restaurant and took our sweet time to enjoy the snacks and when we finally left our table we were way inside our FP+ time. So we headed over to Soarin, and walked through the FP line.
For us it was a walk through up to the point where the regular line and the fastpass line join. We were then sent straight down to the new theatre and it only took about 10 minutes until we were divided into groups and we got a spot on the far left glider in the top row. It was the first time for us to see the new Soariní movie and it was great, but sitting so far to the left, all the buildings seemed to bend in one direction. But it was so impressing, that we did not mind too much and hoped to get into the middle section the next time. At the exit we stopped and checked the standby time and it was only 10 minutes, so we hopped in line right away. And were stunned to find it a walk up close to the point where the two lines match. Again, we were sent straight down and this time we were seated in the right section, but close to the end. 


Once we got off, Illuminations was in full swing, but we did not stop and walked towards the International Gateway again. We left Epcot and slowly strolled back to the Yacht Club and when we were in front of the Beach Club the fireworks at the Hollywood Studios just started. Within minutes a lot of people were gathering and watching the fireworks and so were we,






but since they are really long, we did not stay till the end, but left about halfway through and went back to our room, where we packed up all the things that were lying around, then watched a little more TV and finally fell asleep and it was good we did, as we had an exciting day ahead of us.