August 8, 2016




Day 6, August 08

Welcome to Kidani - Part 1

We got up around 7am again and it was moving day again. We were not in any particular hurry, so after getting ready we went to get some breakfast.
Again, we went to Beachclub Marketplace and got the kids breakfast. Once back in the room we enjoyed the


Scrambled Egg Sandwich, Tomato and Cheese on Gold Fish Bread with Grapes and a Parfait and the


Mickey Waffles served with bacon, which we again shared. Bellies filled we sat out on the balcony for a while enjoying the view and discussing what we were going to do this morning. Around 10am we called bell services to transfer our luggage and within 10 minutes someone came to pick up our luggage. One last walk through and we were ready to leave the Yacht Club. Before leaving we went through the gift shop one more time and then walked to self-parking, put our carry-ons in the boot and off we went.


Didn’t take us long and we arrived at the security booth to Animal Kingdom lodge and then over to Kidani.


Since it was even before check out time we knew we would not get a room right away, but it would not hurt to at least check in and get our magicbands. We were lucky to find a parking spot very close to reception, got out and headed inside. There was no wait at all, we walked right up and the cast member pulled up our reservation, went to get our magicbands and told us that he had a letter for us as well. We kind of looked at each other not knowing what this was going to be about, but all too soon it dawned on us.
We had signed up for the Wanyama Safari and these were the details.


But most surprising of it all was the fact that our room was ready, shortly before 11am. To say we were happy would have been an understatement and map and room number in hand we headed back to the car and were on our way to check out our room and its view. There is a garage underneath the Kidani villas and we followed the signs to the Pumba lot, which seemed to be the furthest one out. But finally we got there, parked the car, took the carry-ons and off we went to check it out. Again I had asked for a higher floor and we were on the highest floor available. It was quite the hike to our room being quite a walk down the corridor, but finally we got there. We opened the door and really liked what we saw. 



















This was the first time we stayed at Kidani and it was lovely. The room décor was awesome and once we had made it to the balcony, we were in awe. We had a great view over the resort and animals were roaming the savannah.



We unpacked our carry-ons, I had a look at the letter that I had been given at check in and it was instructions for the outing we had planned for the afternoon and evening.