August 8, 2016




Day 6, August 08

Welcome to Kidani - Part 2

It was now around midday and since our luggage had not arrived yet and we were to stay for four nights we decided to head out and do some grocery
shopping. So we said goodbye to our lovely Savannah view and went back to the car. It is quite the drive to our favourite Publix, but we made it there shortly after noon. And while we were heading there we remembered that there was a Five Guys restaurant nearby and last time we had wanted to go there they had already been closed for the day. So, since we had only had had a kidís meal for breakfast we stopped there first. There was lots of parking available, so we parked close to the entrance, went in and got in line. We both ordered our food and our drinks, then paid for it, picked up my Diet Coke and went to find a table to wait for our food.


While we waited Tom went to get some


peanuts and we sat and nibbled until we were called to pick up Tomís


Cookies and Cream milkshake. It was thick and sweet and he really liked it a lot. Soon after our burgers were ready. We both had ordered a


cheeseburger, mine came with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup and Tomís had



the same plus some additional pickles. We remembered that the size of their fries was pretty big, so we both just ordered


small fries and they were more than we could finish. Both burgers were really good, nice and juicy, but a bit hard to eat for someone who is not used
to eating burgers out of hand. We enjoyed our burgers very much and after we had finally finished our lunch we headed back out to the car and drove over to Pubix. There is a liqueur store next to it and Tom wanted to have a look inside. A bottle of vodka caught his eye, but we did not want to carry it around all the time, so we decided that if they still had it when we got back from our cruise, it would be going home with us. We then headed over to the grocery store and bought a lot of our staples to fill the fridge and some Diet Coke and beers for Tom. Shopping done we headed back to Kidani.
They had told me that our luggage would arrive between 1 and 3pm and since it was shortly before 2pm we stopped at the front desk and I headed in to ask if it had already arrived. And yippie, it had. I asked for it to be delivered to our room now, as we were headed there now. We drove over to the Pumba lot, parked the car and started carrying up our purchases. Then Tom went down to get the rest, while I waited for our luggage to arrive and we were lucky I did, as shortly after Tom had left to go back to the garage again, there was a knock at the door and our luggage was delivered. When Tom arrived with the rest of our groceries he was stunned that all our suitcases and the Ownerís Locker box were already there. So we unpacked the groceries and stocked the fridge, then we unpacked what we would need for the four nights at Kidani. And before we knew it, it was time to head out again for our afternoon and evening appointment. We needed to go to the Lodge and I had thought that, depending on where our room would be, we might be able to walk over, but since we were so far out, we drove over to the Lodge, finally found a spot to park our car and then headed down to Jiko, where we were to sign in for the Wanyama Safari. 
It seemed like we were a little early as there was only one other family sitting there and the young lady that checked us in had a lot of time to chat with us. But finally more people came and we were asked to take a seat. We waited for about 10 more minutes and then a cast member who was to inform us of what was going to happen, introduced herself and led us into another room where they had a buffet prepared.



We all walked over to the buffet and we were told what everything was and then we were handed a plate to go and pick some food to try.



They served tea or iced water with it and since there were only 12 people in our group, there was no rush and more than enough for everyone to try everything and go back for seconds. We both tried everything and even though some of it were new tastes, it was really good, but we were too full to get seconds as we were still full from our Five Guys lunch. We had more than enough time to finish our tasting before two cast members, who look after the animals, arrived and told us more about what was to happen next. Then we were all led outside and climbed onto the back of a truck, where we all found seats and off we went.  First we followed the regular paved road before we got to a gate that let us into one of the Savannahs.



The cast member pointed out things, talked about how the animals were kept,


where their feeding stations were and everyday life with wild animals. In the beginning we did see the animals, but they were a few metres away,




but lateron we got really close to them.