August 8, 2016




Day 6, August 08

Welcome to Kidani - Part 3

We criss crossed the Savannahs, always seeing the Lodge or Kidani in the background and there were so many animals out there, you sometimes didn’t know where to look first.










Then, we stopped and our guide told us that we would now be part of a little training. A man volunteered and he was told to honk a horn. It wasn’t very loud and we were told to look in a certain direction.


He honked again and suddenly we saw some animals coming towards us.


We soon realized that there were wild pigs, one really running and the other one leisurely trotting behind it.



They ran to an open gate and were then behind a fence with two different “signs”. We all burst into laughter when we saw one of the guides going to the “signs” where the pigs were already waiting for their treats.





We had heard earlier that the animals were trained to follow certain “commands” and this was the command for the pigs. They knew they would get a treat if they heard the tone and one was obviously really looking forward to an afternoon snack. It didn’t seem that long, but soon enough we had been out on the Savannahs for close to two hours 











and we needed to go back.