August 9, 2016




Day 7, August 09

Lazy day gone busy - Part 3

When we got to Showcase Plaza we stopped by the shops and there were some really fun posters in there, that caught our eye.





We spent some time looking at the merchandise before we headed towards the Land. When we got to Journey into Imagination we saw that it was just a five minute wait, so we jumped in line and visited Figment.


And then it was time to ride Mission Space.



We used our Fastpass, and with orange ticket in hand walked into the ride building. We did not really need to FastPass, but it was nice not having to worry about a line. And while we had to wait I tried to look for another FastPass and we were able to pick one up for The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Soon we were divided into teams and were sent on our way to Mars. We have done this ride so many times, but it never seems to get old and we had lots of fun. Once we got off we strolled towards the exit, walked towards Mousegear and went through the shop, exploring more of the merchandise before we walked over to the Nemo ride, got into the FastPass line and discovered that the ride was completely empty, 


there were no guests in either line and when we got to our ride vehicle we could choose whichever we wanted to sit in and off we went to enjoy the ride. Once we got off we walked over to the Land and walked right onto Living with the land.











There was only one other family on our boat and we enjoyed seeing all the new ways to grow plants there. Once we got off we checked wait times and saw that Soarin only had a 10 minute wait. Hm, maybe we should hop into that line. So we quickly headed over and there was actually no one in line. We walked all the way down to where FastPass and regular line meet and were told to just walk straight ahead. About two thirds down the way we met the rest of the people in line.


We were so surprised. Tom had timed our line for Touringplans and it actually ended up a 4 minute wait.


So then we were told to get in a certain line and Tom asked for front row and we were told to go to the furthest glider to the left. There we were seated in the desired row and soon were Soarin’. I didn’t notice it at first, but once we got to the second destination I realized that being at the outer gliders the buildings “bent over”. But we did not mind too much, we really enjoyed enjoyed the new movie. When we got off we were way into the Extra Magic Hours and I was kind of disappointed as I had wanted to do Frozen Ever After right during Illuminations and we had missed that opportunity.
We checked the app again and guess what, Frozen Ever After was down. So we strolled through Mousegear again and down to Showcase Plaza. We walked into the Mexican Pavillion, but there was such a long line for the boatride and La Cava was mobbed, so we moved on and when we got to Norway, people were starting to line up for Frozen Ever After. They had not opened the ride again yet, but we quickly jumped into what seemed a pretty short line and waited and really, about 10 minutes in the line started to move.


What we had not realized was that people were waiting inside the building as well. But at least there was no 2 hour wait. So we slowly crept inside the building, loved seeing all the pictures and theming and were in awe once we got to the “town square” area.









The line snaked back and forth and moved pretty slowly, but it gave us time to enjoy the settings. Then we finally got to the part where you enter one of the houses and we loved the images provided in there as well. And finally we made it to the end of the line and were told to sit in the front row. We climbed in and even though it is the same ride it was before, it was fun seeing it transformed to a Frozen theme.
When we left, we realized that we had been queueing for over an hour and decided that it was time for us to call it a day and head back to the car. It took us a while to walk back to it, but by quarter to 12pm we had made it there and drove back to Kidani.
We arrived in our room after midnight and fell right into bed.